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Using Big Data to Develop a Customer-Centric Culture [Webinar]


“Customer experience is like gravity. You may want to ignore it, but you don’t have that choice.”

This juicy quote comes from Tim Walters, Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group (DCG), who presented a recent webinar with Allen Bonde, Vice President of Product Marketing and Innovation, Actuate.

The focus of their talk: the relationship between Big Data and Customer Experience (CX).

CX and customer experience management (CEM) are becoming increasingly critical to companies scrambling to get the best picture of customer needs. The momentum behind CX and CEM has certainly been bolstered by Big Data. Structured and unstructured data, when used well, enable companies to make better decisions about customers and what they may need.

Companies of all shapes and sizes want to use Big Data to create offers and experiences that drive  lifelong brand loyalty. Companies that bring the power of Big Data to everyday business users, rather than keeping it in the realm of data scientists, can additionally drive better insight, campaign performance and organizational knowledge.

During the webinar, Walters and Bonde address the paradigm of Big Data use and discuss how small data, digital disruption, experience delivery and advanced analytics help drive better customer experiences. As seen in the graphic above,  “fast is the new big” when it comes to using data to empower customer-facing teams and encourage a better understanding of customer desires – and, as Bonde says, “allow visuals to be the language of the data.”

Check out more words of wisdom about using Big Data to develop a customer-centric culture. Register for the webinar here.

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