The Time for Education is Now!

According to Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” That couldn’t be more true. Employee education and training are proven to drive:

  • Employee advancement, engagement and career growth
  • Enhanced productivity and quality, resulting in:
  • More accurate work output, and
  • Better customer service
  • Employee retention

In short, employee education and training are key drivers of success, which in turn bolsters customer success and the entire organization – driving everything from brand recognition to bottom line company growth.

At OpenText, our goal is to provide users of our products with the in-depth understanding of our software and the technical knowledge they need to optimize their use of Enterprise Information products to meet their unique business challenges.

With our role-based training:

  • System administrators benefit from understanding options for configuring and managing the system for current and future requirements
  • Business analysts gain insights into features in the products, new releases and leave with expertise to advance current and future projects
  • Developers achieve the knowledge they need to customize and extend the applications to meet specific use cases

At Enterprise World 2017, there are over 35 training courses and workshops  taught by knowledgeable experts – with product managers joining some courses for part of the time as well. The information shared with peers, instructors and other OpenText staff in these interactive sessions can solve organization-specific issues, and answer your “what if?” and “how can I?” questions.

If you haven’t already registered, plan to join us for courses at Enterprise World in Toronto July 8th – 10th.  If you are an Elite customer, you can even use your points on training.

This year there are seven new courses covering Release 16 including:

  • OpenText EIM Adoption Strategy Workshop: 2 day course (U-TR-6-5009)
  • Upgrading to Content Server v16: 1 day course (U-TR-3-0137)
  • Process Modeling for Process Platform v16: 3 day course (U-TR-4-4913)
  • Content Server Installation and Configuration v16: 2 day course (U-TR-3-0187)
  • Engineering Document Management Suite: 2 day course (U-TR-2-0235)
  • Implementing OpenText™ Media Management v16: 3 day course (U-TR-3-0805a)
  • Documentum Technical Fundamentals: 3 day course (U-TR-3-8010a)

See you there!

Lynn Elwood

Lynn is VP Cloud & Services Solutions. A Computer Scientist by training, Lynn is focused on bringing software and services together with cloud, on-premises and hybrid options to provide measurable benefits for organizations around the world.

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