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The Symbiotic Contact Center: Marketing,– You Talking to Me?

I’’m here at HP Engage 2015 in sunny San Diego, and the intersection of marketing and contact centers is a hot topic across our attendees. I was going to wait on writing this blog, but conversations with Engage customers reveals the need for this blog about a benefit of contact centers and marketing working more closely together.

As you may recall, we’ve talked before about opportunities to build relationships with corporate product; let’’s shift in this blog from product to marketing. One of the biggest challenges of any customer-facing content, from text to video, is ensuring the impact of the message matches its intent. In other words, is your message being received as intended, or is it missing the mark?

Often the message is penned by marketing with a preconceived outcome. The point is not to re-write marketing’’s content, but to become a part of the process to ensure that the message hits its target.

As call center agents are on the front line and make their living speaking to customers and prospects, they know first-hand which words and phrases resonate. Efficiency of interactions is critical for agents, and as such they are keenly aware of what works and what does not, when trying to explain products and services over the phone. It is an art form, and experienced agents are masters at their crafts. We all know this.

So how do you integrate this talent within the corporate marketing functions? Start small, but think big.

Begin with a complicated message and then help marketing simplify it. Reps are uniquely qualified to breakdown complex concepts and deliver it in such a way that it is easily digestible. They know what works. Why? Well for one, they are often graded on Average Handle Time (AHT), but whether you agree with the metric or not, is fodder for another time. The issue is reps know how to get it done and get it done quickly.

Make your marketing colleagues heroes. You can streamline their discovery process, tighten their deliverables and reduce reliance on research processes like focus groups and brainstorming sessions, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Quantify the results. With OpenText™ Explore, our Voice of the Customer solution, call center agents can streamline the ability to quantify agent comments in the discovery process within calls that are deemed successful on a particular topic. Explore can lead marketing right to those calls, and other interactions where particular language is used, and see and hear it in action.

So what are you waiting for? Invite the marketing team to your call center. Have them pitch the marketing language to your reps. Then, sit back and watch the reps reveal priceless actionable feedback.

To learn more about OpenText Explore, visit our website.

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