The more things change…Enterprise World’s ECM Message has remained Remarkably Consistent through the Years

It’s that time of year again, Enterprise World 2015 is fast approaching and the entire company is buzzing. Everyone is busy prepping their presentations, finalizing agendas, booking meetings with customers, and, ahem, checking out what else is happening in Las Vegas that week. Yes, we’re moving the whole event to Vegas this year! Personally, I’m excited about the change in venue; Las Vegas has an electrifying energy which will only amplify the impact of Enterprise World.

Having been at OpenText for almost 15 years, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve attended our annual flagship event, but I do recall attending back when it was called “LiveLinkUp” to support our Livelink products. Then it evolved to “Content World,” then came the change to “Enterprise World.”

Over those 15 years, a lot more has changed then just the name of the event. We’ve seen a true shift in how organizations do business and the role of digital data in that landscape: Communication channels have widened from phone to email to Twitter and dozens of other possibilities; the rise of mobile devices introduced the concept of being “always on;” offices are more global and virtual, yet manage to be more interconnected; and, of course, there is the monumental explosion in the growth of content. According to IDC, 92% of the world’s data was created in just the past two years.

But interestingly enough, with all this change, our ECM message has remained remarkably consistent when I look back at the themes of our annual get-together over the last 15 years. Here are a few examples:

  • LiveLinkUp (Phoenix, 2004): ECM is mission critical
  • LiveLinkUp (Phoenix, 2006): Enterprise transparency reflects the evolution of content management from simply tracking and controlling information to leveraging it for business advantage
  • Content World (Orlando, 2008): ECM is strategic to efficiency, cost management, and compliance

As you can see, a pair of constants hold true over the years…Content is still king, and ECM is the key to unlocking its potential. The only difference is that topics we were first broaching in 2006 have grown to become critical business issues in 2015. Namely, it’s now vitally important to be able to access and extract value from all the information your organization controls. The age of the digital enterprise has arrived, and information is the currency and lifeblood of organizational success.

This year, Enterprise World continues its mission of helping you effectively and efficiently manage your enterprise information to increase productivity, agility, and competitive positioning. There’s a new way of thinking about ECM’s role in enabling all this, and Enterprise World 2015 is where the OpenText universe is gathering to experience it.

Get ready for a host of new product announcements that will accelerate ECM’s integration into back-office systems and the cloud, training sessions designed to help you maximize your investment, and insightful keynotes and analyst panels that will help us all visualize a tomorrow of endless possibilities.

The sessions I’m most excited about also focus on this progression of ECM as a fundamental enterprise cornerstone. It’ll be interesting to connect with both experts and attendees on the evolution of content management from simply organizing information to its next chapter of facilitating, aggregating, bridging, and governing enterprise-wide information flows. These are the sessions on my ECM can’t-miss list:

  • ECM-406 Product Update: Transform your Organization by Putting the X in ECM
  • ECM-402 Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation – Another Buzzword or Essential to Survival?
  • ECM-412 Simplify Your Organization’s Digital Transformation with These Proven Steps

I look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas in November!

Kimberly Edwards

Kimberly is a Product Marketing Director for OpenText.

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