The key to Great CX? Investing in Human Capital

From the desk of Dr. WFO:

Following up on my 2016 Contact Center Industry Predictions blog, I want to share my thoughts on the continued need to invest in human capital.

When I was a practitioner, there were constant reminders from the executive team do more with less. Unfortunately, I continue to hear this adage as I have conversations with contact centers today.

Yet, the continued focus for 2016 is delivering a superior customer experience.

There is a flaw with this logic.


A majority of the contact center interactions require a conversation with an agent. Your customers expect to connect with you using different channels of communication including the traditional phone, email, chat, social media and mobile.

These frontline professionals and contact center leaders need to be continued to be developed, coached and appreciated. As your workforce continues to diversify, there is also an expectation from Gen Y and Gen C that you listen and invest in them.

Training is an investment, not an expense. However, when it comes to tightening the belt and meeting budget, training gets the axe.

Making customer experience a continued focus for 2016 is great, but without the appropriate plans and investments and executive support, providing lip service won’’t get the job done.

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you haven’’t already, I encourage you to check out my blog series on starting a contact center coaching program.


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