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Following your passion and putting customers first

Meet Vasuki, Principal Software Engineer from Bangalore, India. In this post, Vasuki talks about his love for engineering and how he contributes to the success of OpenText™.

Tell us a little bit about your role here at OpenText

I joined OpenText from the GXS acquisition in 2014. I work for the Product Development team as a Lead Software Engineer for one of our products called OpenText™ Active Orders, a Trading Grid solution that helps retailers and manufacturers improve their daily supply chain processes. In my role, I focus on bridging business requirements with our product development; this ensures that all of our customers are happy and benefiting fully from our solution. I also like to identify new methodologies and incorporate them into our current customer offerings, both in technology and best practices.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day starts with focused attention towards issues that our customers are facing. All customer issues and concerns require immediate attention. We look for ways solve each problem and we use this opportunity to plan and enhance areas of concern in our software upgrades. We’re always working to enhance our customer satisfaction!

My team and I use the scrum approach to share our knowledge and exchange our ideas. We love to improvise and work collaboratively. We’re always finding new and exciting ways to have fun with code and design.

What made you want to get into software engineering?

By education, I’m an electronics engineer with a specialization of applying electronics to medicine. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Medical Electronics. The project that I undertook in my graduating year was focused on developing an interactive software that classifies the human heartbeat based on its patterns, which helps detect heart arrhythmias early. Building this software helped me learn all about pattern recognition and parameter processing techniques. It was this project that really introduced me to the power of computing and how it can reduce costs in everyday routines and processes. It was a transformational experience for me, and it sparked my passion for venturing more into software methodologies.

What is one thing emerging in the tech industry that fascinates or interests you?

A combination of the internet, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics fascinates me, just by the sheer amount of information it possesses. When channelized, analyzed and measured, these things have the power to lead our industry and play a huge role in building decision making solutions. These technologies are definitely disruptors.

Are you working on an interesting project right now? If so, can you tell us a little bit about it?

I recently worked on bridging Mobile Solution Offering to the Active Orders Solution suite by leveraging the OpenText™ AppWorks™ platform. This project allowed me work with a wide range of colleagues in various positions and capacities. I cherished every minute of it! We designed, we brainstormed, we overcame development and operation obstacles, we made changes to our methodologies – everything was a new learning experience!

What is your favorite part about working at OpenText?

OpenText embraces its unique culture, understands the value of teamwork, possesses a deep commitment to our customers, and always communicates with transparency. I see these traits across all people and levels within our organization. These are my favourite things about OpenText.

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