The Case Management Top Influencers Study: Why We Did It

Submitted by: Michelle Dufty on: October 26, 2012

Have you ever wondered who are the most influential individuals indriving Case Management adoption? Who are the key influencers in drivinggrowth and knowledge in the Case Management community? Who is drivingthe ideas to evolve Case Management to be a more strategic businessplatform?

As a company who has a vested interest in the expansion and success of Case Management, OpenTextwanted to know. We felt that if we had this knowledge it would help usdecide who to partner with and where to make our investments. Thequestion then became one of “how”.

A simple survey would be one approach. But would that really tell useverything we wanted to know? So we turned our focus to anotherapproach: What if we could find the most influential voices in the CaseManagement community and work with them?

OpenText had been successful identifying the top influencers in thebusiness process management (BPM) and SharePoint market working with acompany called Influencer50. As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, The Case Management Top Influencers Study: Who are the main influencers in Case Management?, Influencer50 is a team of independent analysts who find the top influencers in select markets.

Our BPM and SharePoint studies were a huge success for us as ithelped to identify who our customers trusted when they were makingdecisions around business process improvement and implementingSharePoint. Because we were seeing a lot of companies looking toleverage Dynamic Case Management as a strategic business processplatform, we wanted to repeat this success for the case managementmarket. Understanding who our customers — and potential customers — lookto as “trusted advisors” makes it easier for us to identify who we wantto work with in a number of key areas such as our customerimplementations, product strategy, and education.

By identifying who the top influencers are in the Case Managementcommunity, we can also do our part to proliferate their good ideas andwork in partnership to support their community expansion efforts. Forexample, we are working with several members of the community (names tobe revealed in the following weeks) on an educational series, guides,and webinars around how to know if case management is right for you andwhat features are critical to achieve success.

OpenText believes in the spirit of community and that the more people with great ideas, the better. “Influencers”, by definition are people whose actions or opinions have an effect on someone else.
Interacting with the top influencers in the Case Management Communitycan help us identify what the “best of the best” are doing right tolearn, grow, and share their ideas.

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