TerraLink: Building a corporate knowledge bank powered by OpenText eDOCS

TerraLink is a leading IT systems integrator, helping organizations leverage technology to manage and secure their enterprise content. It comes as no surprise that TerraLink required an industry leading solution to capture, store, retrieve and share all types of content, while scaling with the growth of their business.

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Enter OpenText™ eDOCS. “I knew it was the right solution to meet our needs, and that it would grow with us as our business grew,” said Ronald Lewin, Managing Director, TerraLink.

With 500 users, TerraLink can appreciate the seamless integration of eDOCS with Microsoft® Office and the speed at which they can recall documents with metadata tagging – and that is just on the front-end! What’s going on underneath allows for better collaboration, which in turn means better efficiencies. “The solution helps us maintain high levels of efficiency and customer service. Our customers are often impressed with the speed and ease of our response to their query,” states Mr. Lewin.

TerraLink knows it’s about more than just speed of access. With OpenText eDOCS, they have the peace of mind of knowing they’re not compromising security of confidential material with the need to collaborate across geographies.

“The eDOCS solution has,” as Mr. Lewin puts it, “for many years, been a mission-critical solution within the TerraLink business, and we will continue to build and expand upon it going forward.”

TerraLink has seen continued success over the last 18 years, which stands as an example of how our solutions continue to evolve with the demands of the industry. We are proud of this evolution and look forward to continuing to grow this partnership. Be sure to read on to learn more about the TerraLink journey with eDOCS.

An OpenText Platinum Partner, last year TerraLink received the OpenText Global Reseller of the Year Award. TerraLink is also an active member of the OpenText Elite™ Customer Loyalty Program where they earn points for their eDOCS evangelism.

Want more information on how eDOCS continues to work the way you do? Click here.


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