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How engineering and design professionals across industries achieve better outcomes

Engineers in the semiconductor, oil and gas and other industries are using graphic intense engineering software that runs on UNIX, Linux or Windows. Engineering teams are often dispersed all over the world and so they need easy ways of collaboration to get their job done.

OpenText™ Exceed TurboX (ETX) provides fast and secure web access to business critical engineering software. Teams using ETX for remote application access can easily share their screens to collaborate with internal and external co-workers across the globe. Administrators can allow users or groups of users to share their screens and enable powerful team collaboration. Screen control can be granted to any person in the current sharing session.

Fast and secure remote access

ETX provide access to centralized infrastructure providing high security and high performance over WAN connections. The OpenText ThinX protocol provides excellent performance over slow WAN connections.

ETX encrypts all data transfer between the client and ETX servers and between the client and the remote systems regardless if on the intranet or public Web. ETX prevents internal and external eavesdropping securing your Intellectual Property.

Micronas uses ETX to enable collaboration

Micronas, an OpenText customer explains how Exceed TurboX has contributed to their success.

With Exceed TurboX, collaboration is now seamless. Teams can be spread across sites without having to worry about data synchronization. All this while still being able to quickly look at each other’s screens – Dr. Gernot Koch, CAD Manager at Micronas

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Martin is an experienced Product Marketing Manager with long history in designing and marketing development and database software, marketing remote access software including launching the first Windows software development IDE and Windows database. He's a keen content contributor to OpenText social channels.

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