Streamlining Data Collection for Investigations and eDiscovery

Organizations are practically drowning in data today, which makes using that data effectively more challenging than ever. Additionally, the risks associated with protecting that data have never been higher, due to strengthened data privacy laws worldwide and increasing cyberattacks on businesses everywhere. Businesses are faced with the challenge of needing discrete comprehensive data collection capabilities to respond to litigation, regulatory response and investigations.  However, because data is spread across multiple operating systems, on and off cloud, on and off VPN and multiple locations globally, organizations struggle to quickly identify and collect relevant and defensible information.   

Investigation and eDiscovery teams need the ability to gain rapid insight into cost and scope while quickly reducing the volume of information for downstream review. The ability to conduct targeted collections eliminates most non-responsive, redundant and trivial data to reduce document review and data storage costs and allows them to quickly identify the relevant data needed to make data-driven informed decisions and efficiently respond to internal investigations and regulatory or compliance requests.  Enterprises utilizing targeted automated collections capabilities as part of their investigation process have seen the time to collect and provide data drop from three to four weeks down to six hours, resulting in significant cost and efficiency savings. 

Join Doug Austin, from eDiscovery Today, and Jonathan Arias, from OpenText™, on Monday, September 25th at 1pm Eastern as they discuss the challenges that organizations face today regarding the proliferation, protection and use of data, and how an effective information assurance program can quickly sift that data to support key discovery and investigation objectives efficiently and defensibly. Topics in the webinar include: 

  • Governance challenges within organizations today 
  • Discovery challenges within organizations today 
  • Understanding measures that can protect and defend information systems 
  • Advantages of information assurance initiatives 

Register here to join Doug and Jonathan as they talk about how modernizing your data collections tools and techniques with a scalable, defensible and repeatable process can help you streamline your response to investigation and litigation requests.    

Peri Storey

Peri Storey is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for OpenText Digital Forensic solutions. Having spent her marketing career in the technology sector, Peri has focused on delivering brand recognition, go-to-market plans and lead-generation programs on a global scale. With a voice-of-the-customer approach, Peri is focused on solving the challenges associated with explosive data growth in a digital world.

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