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Star Wars or Star Trek – Which Do B2B Integration Professionals Like Better?

Two weeks ago GXS hosted its annual Customer Forum in Washington DC.  Over 200 B2B integration professionals were on-site to participate in roundtable discussions, advisory board meetings and share real-world case studies.  Throughout the event we encouraged the attendees to get to know one another through networking events both on and offsite.  But we at GXS also wanted to get to know our customers better – both on a personal and a professional level.  So we asked the audience to complete a series of informal surveys about their technology preferences during the presentation sessions.  Below are some of our findings.

First, we asked whether the attendees which science fiction series they liked better – Star Wars or Star Trek.  By a count of two to one, our B2B integration professionals indicated that they prefer Star Wars.  Although we did have a few people write that they only liked the original trilogy as opposed to the prequels.

We then asked the attendees about their choice of smartphone.  Apple’s iPhone ranked amongst the most popular with conference attendees by a narrow margin over the RIM BlackBerry.  However, many BlackBerry owners commented that they only carried the device to comply with company policy.  Android devices placed a distant third amongst B2B integration professionals.  And surprisingly, not one attendee was carrying a Windows Phone.

Browser preferences can tell you a lot about an individual as well.  Consistent with overall adoption trends, Internet Explorer proved to be the most popular browser amongst our conference attendees.  Firefox placed second followed by Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari. 

Finally, we asked the group about their favorite video game console platform.  The Nintendo Wii was the most popular by far amongst our B2B integration professionals.  Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft Xbox tied for second place.  But a number of attendees did indicate that they don’t like any of the three game consoles and would prefer that their children spend more time outside!

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