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The holidays are fast approaching and our employees are starting to get festive in their offices around the world! In this post, OpenText employee Sandeep Nair Katarkandi talks about his favourite holiday customs and traditions in New Zealand.

What is your favourite thing to do around the holidays?

One of my favourite Christmas traditions here in New Zealand is going to the Ellerslie Race Day, a horse racing event that takes place at the Racing Club in Auckland. Around the holidays, the Racing Club hosts four very popular and well-attended race days. I love going with my family and watching the races from the grandstand balconies. While we watch, we get to enjoy a hot barbecue, cold drinks, and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert! Also, in between horse races, there is a gala where you can place your bets on the horses and participate in an annual hat and costume contest. It’s always thrilling to be around the fun and excitement at these races.

What are some other common holiday traditions in New Zealand?

During the holidays, New Zealanders also love to go to the beach with their friends and family. People will arrive early in the morning, and spend the entire day there until the sun goes down. Some families even pitch their tents on the beach and camp out overnight! There are always plenty of fun beach games to be played and delicious meals to be shared. My favourite beach to visit during the holidays is Muriwai Beach, located on the West Coast of Auckland. It’s my favourite place to relax, unwind, and forget my worries during the Christmas Break.

Auckland is also well known for its fishing culture; during the holidays, New Zealanders like to gather with friends and family for a day of boating and fishing along the coast. Freshly caught fish makes for a delicious holiday feast!

To all of my OpenText colleagues around the world, I’d like to wish you a very happy holiday season from sunny New Zealand!

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