Sports on the Web: Newer, Better, Global

Are you a sports fan? Are you one of the lucky ones that enjoys sports that are carried on your local station at convenient times, or are you like a growing number of fans that enjoy sports that are carried more often in other countries, on their time zone and not broadcast on local television stations? Modern sports viewing is now often enabled by strong web experiences, and a growing number of fans are now able to enjoy their favourite sports on the web, at times of their convenience regardless of where in the world the sport is played live.

Many sports franchises are now taking advantage of the streaming vs. viewing methods fans are adopting, and there are some great sites powered by Web Experience Management software such as OpenText’s Customer Experience Suite. Cloud enabled apps provide viewing and stats on all types of devices, and allow viewers to enjoy the sport and the commentary that goes with it – from both the official commentators and the other viewers.

As reported in a recent press release, UK-based Aberdeen Football Club (if you are from North America think Soccer) recently remodeled their site with OpenText’s Experience Suite to include real-time stats, commentary, Twitter feed, pre and post game analysis and real-time photos. The omni-channel experience is critical as 58% of their fans enjoy their site on mobile devices, often as they are watching the game live in the stadium. Check out to see the latest.

This time of year sees some of my favorite sports back live and online. While the sites stay up all year sharing info, they come alive when the teams are back and playing again. It is rugby season again and the 6 Nations site once again brought the tournament and all the news to the locals and those of us in other parts of the world. The site is great with game info and pictures and my favourite is the running list of clips that summarize some of the great moments. Even if you don’t watch the full games, you can get a pretty good idea of the play, the emotion and certainly the outcomes from this site.

And of course. my favorite Australian Rules Football (AFL) season has just started, so I will be spending increasing time on their site checking out the predictions, results and pictures, and watching highlights or full games at times that are convenient wherever in the world I am. Watching with two screens is a bonus so I have the player info and stats handy while streaming the games from a second device.

In the immediacy era we live in, sports on the internet can now be consumed at our leisure and our convenience. Thanks to strong web experience sites we now have a PVR-like option for watching the games, and the apps provide extras like real-time stats and commentary. There is no substitute for the excitement of live sport but when you can’t be there in person, web experiences are now a great alternative.

Lynn Elwood

Lynn is VP Cloud & Services Solutions. A Computer Scientist by training, Lynn is focused on bringing software and services together with cloud, on-premises and hybrid options to provide measurable benefits for organizations around the world.

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