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Social Business ROI summed up in 432 Tweets!

Well maybe we did not sum it all up, but we certainly had a lot to say with a very active conversation.

I had the pleasure of being a part of a TweetJam, that followed the hashtag #SocBizChat, put on by CMSWire and sponsored by OpenText last week.The TweetJam was designed around a series of 5 questions that all spoke to the challenges surrounding social business ROI measurement and how, if at all, it’s changed in the past year.

The other panelist members included:

  • Allen Bonde, Partner and Principal Analyst, DCG, @abonde
  • Dave Bellous, Co-owner, Yellow Pencil, @davebellous (OpenText Partner)
  • Deb Lavoy, Director of Strategic Marketing, OpenText, @deb_lavoy

The TweetJam questions were as follows:

  1. Has our understanding of how to measure social business changed in the last year?
  2. What is the ultimate ROI we’re looking for?
  3. What is return on innovation? Return on insight?
  4. Why do you, personally, want to support a social business?
  5. Is that the same or different from your organization’s goal?

Since you may not have time to go back and weed through the 432 tweets that contributed to a very interesting conversation, I thought I would highlight a few of my favorite responses and also point you to a great recap provided by CMSWire here.

My favorites included:

A1: The Gary J. Nix® @Mr_McFly For each & everything you do in biz, there HAS TO BE a goal. All of those goals ladder up to determining ROI. #SocBizChat

A2: deb louison lavoy @deb_lavoy workforce: growth and innovation mktg: brand affinity/trust

A3 : Brice Dunwoodie @bdunwood For us, return on innovation… innovation = survival. #SocBizChat

A4: KimberlyEdwards @KimberlyEdwards Transparency and social collaboration provides a clearer view of the end goal and helps fuel my ability to succeed. #SocBizChat (my post so I get to vote for myself ;-)

A5: Audrey Enriquez @MissAEnriquez Need to find champions within your org to help engineer that serendipity #SocBizChat

It’s not too late to chime in on the conversation, simply contribute to the hashtag #SocBizChat.

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Kimberly Edwards

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