Sneak Peek: BIRT PowerDocs Salesforce1 Mobile App

We want to give you an insight into the latest developments of our BIRT PowerDocs cloud software. Today we will introduce you to the new BIRT PowerDocs Salesforce1 Mobile app, which we presented for the first time at the Dreamforce 2014. Take a first look at our app, which you can use to create complex, interactive and process-integrated documents with Salesforce1 and BIRT PowerDocs. How you benefit: you will be able to use all of the features of BIRT PowerDocs on your smartphone!

Complex Documents – Just One Click Away

Our new Salesforce1 Mobile app lets you create complex documents with just a few clicks. With this new app you can generate all of the documents that you previously needed your PC for. Regardless of whether the documents are interactive, process-integrated or highly complex, all of the features offered by BIRT PowerDocs are supported.

BIRT PowerDocs works on all devices and can be integrated into any process. Our well-known interview mode automatically adjusts to your device settings and delivers the full power of professional document generation to your smartphone. This also includes the combination of the user interaction and data retrieval from various data sources.

Applications of the BIRT PowerDocs Salesforce1 Mobile App

You can easily use the BIRT PowerDocs Salesforce1 Mobile App to create highly complex and yet personalized documents even while you are on the go, without having to manually intervene in the creation process. The interview mode enables to easily implement complex decision-making structures. Of course, the mobile app offers you the additional benefit: it is fully integrated into Salesforce1 and can access all required data.

Here is an overview of the highlights:

  • Mobile application is possible
  • Same range of functions – regardless of the user’s device
  • Professional and individual document creation – without manual intervention
  • Interview mode enables complex decision-making structures – with ease

Presentation of the app at the Dreamforce 2014

We received a lot of feedback during the presentation of our new BIRT PowerDocs Salesforce1 Mobile App at Dreamforce. Many visitors were amazed at how easy it is to create complex documents on a smartphone with just a few clicks. View this short video to see how easy it is to create documents with BIRT PowerDocs.


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