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Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG) transforms information exchange with OpenText

Neighborhood physicians offer care to residents where they live; but, how do they coordinate that care across several hospitals and other organizations? More than 800 primary and specialty care physicians working in 350 locations across San Diego County rely on OpenText™ RightFax™ and OpenText™ RightFax™ Connect.

Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG) is the largest group of physicians in private practice in San Diego, offering families convenient and community-based access to healthcare.

Due to its ubiquity and security, fax remains a common communications method for healthcare providers, but prior to deploying OpenText, physicians and staff at Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG) suffered from unacceptable fax failure rates, slowing the delivery of care to patients.

SCMG deployed OpenText RightFax with OpenText RightFax Connect, moving fax transmissions to the
cloud and simplifying implementation with a complete end-to-end hybrid fax solution. With the OpenText fax solution in place, failure rates and support calls virtually ceased, saving team members multiple hours every week.

Working with OpenText Professional Services enabled SCMG to implement the solution within two weeks. “I’ve been through a few hundred software implementations. I can honestly say this was the fastest and easiest of them all,” comments Brant Burington, manager of Technical Services and Support with SCMG.

“RightFax is simple, easy, fast and it works. The clinicians, physicians and employees who use these systems need to focus on providing quality care to their patients. The less complicated we make it, the more they can focus on their ability to provide high-quality patient care.”
– Brant Burington, manager of Technical Services and Support, Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG).

SCMG is a valued member of the OpenText Elite™ customer loyalty program and we had the pleasure of interviewing Burington for a success story. Check it out here!

Travis Cain

Travis is a Senior Customer Marketing Manager based in the Canada headquarters. With over 10 years at OpenText, Travis is responsible for helping to manage the OpenText Elite Customer Loyalty program, specializing in the Business Network, Ecosystem, Analytics, and Digital Process Automation suite of solutions.

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