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Securing the connected supply chain takes center stage at OpenText Enterprise World 2018

Seamless and secure connection of people, systems and things

Information security sits at the top of the agenda for almost every CIO but its role has subtly changed. Sure, we want to make sure nothing bad happens to our data or network. That will always be vitally important. However, in our new collaborative world, we now look for security to be a business enabler. The connected supply chain is one of the best examples where security underpins how you can work with customers, suppliers and other trading partners – essentially, it’s possible to share information with those who need it more easily and securely than ever. It’s so important that we’ve made it one of our key topics during OpenText Enterprise World 2018.

If you’re a leader in Enterprise Information Management, the last decade has been one of changing emphasis as more and more companies look to open up their information to others. It’s not just your employees who you have to provision with a digital identity so that they have access to the right information at the right time. Additionally, it has become very clear that traditional approaches to information security are struggling to cope with this new reality of hyper ‘connectedness’: you can’t concentrate on securing the perimeter when you want to regularly move information inside and outside your organization. This might sound visionary but, for example, the largest automotive manufacturer in the United States is already doing this (and doing it well) by managing over 500,000 external identities that request access to their internal systems with only two administrators (!). Ditto the largest beverage bottler. The reality: businesses and their supply chains become more efficient and more secure when the right technologies are in place.

OpenText focuses on information security

A quick look at two recent acquisitions by OpenText – companies like Covisint and Guidance Software – shows that we are investing in the growing importance of security as the basis of assurance and trust needed to conduct business in the digital world. In fact, I’ll take it a step further and say that we believe that ‘data is for the good‘ and that it’s our duty to understand how trust, data, and information security affect our customers businesses.

With our focus on B2B integration, OpenText™ Business Network’s expertise has been built upon the effective and secure information exchange in growing and dispersed trading partner communities. However, we’re also seeing major changes to supply chain operations that are calling different types of security solutions. The digital transformation of the supply chain is driven by more than the need to facilitate close collaboration with external partners. A whole series of disruptive technologies are emerging that offer incredible business and performance benefits that need to be securely integrated to our increasingly connected supply chains.

IoT and the blurring of distinctions

Connected supply chains have more and more data and content moving across systems, trading partners and geographical boundaries. The need for close collaboration means that, increasingly, critical intellectual property is being stored and shared throughout global supply chains. Add to this the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the connected supply chain represents a digital transformation initiative that can help grow the business as well as introduce massive scale vulnerability and risk.

The IoT is rapidly revolutionizing every part of our lives – from smart phones to medical devices to automated production facilities. Supply chains are also evolving through these new technologies like IoT and smart sensors, with machine-to-machine connections forecast to grow from 5 billion to 27 billion by 2024. The rate of growth is tremendous. Gartner says that, by 2020, there will be 215 trillion stable IoT connections, and 63 million new ones every second. IoT devices are becoming a part of daily life for most supply chain companies.

The growth of IoT devices raises a fundamental question: what’s the difference with different network entities? In the connected supply chain, there are people, applications, systems and devices that all have to be managed from a security perspective. With the cost, efficiency and speed of the business pressures you face, these entities can’t be managed separately using discreet security systems – especially as you will often be managing the interactions between different entity types; person-to-person, person-to-device, system-to-device or device-to-device.

The need for an enterprise IAM platform

At a recent Gartner IAM conference, a keynote speaker suggested that the increasing prevalence of disruptive technologies – Cloud, IoT and mobile – had left traditional approaches to Identity Management struggling to respond with organizations adding capabilities that were ‘bolted on just to meet demand’.  Within the connected supply chain, you require an enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform built from the ground up to handle the security of all entity types on a modern network.

Securely Connected People, Systems and Things
Identity and access management for the supply chain

The connected supply chain requires the seamless and secure interaction of connected people, systems and things. An enterprise IAM platform enables you to dynamically handle the entire lifecycle of an identity including all the authentication and authorization required to enable smooth and effective business processes.

Connected PeopleConnected SystemsConnected Things

The digital identities of everyone that interacts within your ecosystem including employees, suppliers, customers, partners and contractors.

The secure sharing of information between disparate systems in the right format at the right time and to the right identity, whether a person or thing.

Advanced IoT services for the many consumer and industrial devices that need to connect and exchange information including devices like smart sensors, vehicles, and copy machines.

We’ll delve deeper into the relationship between IAM, IoT and information security for the connected supply chain at Enterprise World 2018: Join us July 12 at 2pm EST. You’ll also be able to hear from companies like yours that have begun to reap the benefits of an enterprise IAM platform and I hope that I’ve whetted your appetite to find out more.

Join us for the ‘Securing the connected supply chain’ at Enterprise World 2018. You can book your place here. I look forward to meeting you there.

Enterprise World 2018

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