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SapphireNOW 2018 wrap-up

Wow – what an event SapphireNow 2018 turned out to be (and not just the Justin Timberlake concert!)

SAP’s Sapphire conference is the second largest event of the year for OpenText™ behind the forthcoming OpenText Enterprise World 2018 in Toronto. If you are attending Enterprise World then keep watching as I’ll be writing about what you can expect from the SAP Ecosystem next week. But that’s for later. Of course, Orlando is a long travel for many of our SAP customers, so here are some things you may have missed if you weren’t able to attend (or may have missed if you were attending as it was a pretty packed agenda with just under 2000 sessions available!)

New product announcement

As I teased last time, OpenText formally announced two new products for SAP at this years’ Sapphire, adding to our commitment to supporting Digital Transformation in the cloud. Formally announced were OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions, Cloud Edition and OpenText Archive Center for SAP Solutions, Cloud Edition.

With our overall Cloud Solutions, customers can gain the usual cloud benefits (reduced IT cost, automatic updates), but with our latest additions,  customers can now:

  • Automate many manual processes for greater accuracy, including using aspects of machine learning to identify content and associate it with the correct business process in SAP.
  • Compliance and security are enabled by the OpenText Cloud Editions, ensuring not just content and data security, but security of the physical location of these objects as well as providing a platform for GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance standards.
  • Gain intelligence into critical business processes. Whilst the forthcoming amounts of data generated by connected devices can provide insights, only by having content and data connected can a complete “intelligent picture” of a process be understood and decisions made correctly.
  • Connect content to business processes inside the organization. Ensuring all content is available in the context of the end user experience drives greater efficiency. With Cloud editions, adding content to any business process becomes far simpler.
  • Accelerate digital transformation of your SAP Suite to S/4HANA Private or Public Cloud by speeding up the decommissioning of legacy applications. By migrating content and data to the Extended ECM or Archive Center cloud editions, customers only have to migrate live application data and content to their new S/4HANA Cloud instances

But, you don’t have to take my word for it – HollyFrontier delivered a great roundtable session on how they have deployed OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, Cloud Edition to support the migration of over 3 million documents supporting asset management and plant maintenance operations.

Onyx session

One of the main OpenText sessions was our Onyx session highlighting the impact of automated drones on business, and how OpenText solutions are already capable of supporting capture of digital content from commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and other connected devices.

My colleagues Nicholas Mauldin and Douglas Cardoso delivered a great presentation that is a must watch for anyone who has, or is considering deploying drones for a wide range of purposes such as training, marketing, inspection or delivery purposes. Special mention goes to Douglas for delivering a live demo (and we all know how risky live demos can be at events!).

Luckily, the session was recorded and you can watch it here.

IoT In Practice link

OpenText’s digital transformation journey with SAP

One other session that I would like to draw your attention to describes our digital transformation journey and how we have deployed SAP S/4HANA and our own solutions across a number of different business areas at OpenText.

OpenText has acquired many companies over the last few years, from small to large organizations. With each acquisition we inherited new processes, new customer platforms and, of course, new employees. For us, a key driver was to on-board these new organizations faster and in a more streamlined fashion. As well as SAP Applications like SuccessFactors and Concur, we wanted to transform our processes for financial management, as well as supporting our customers better.

But I’ll let Rob explain in far greater detail and you can listen following this link.

OpenText Digital Transformation link

And that’s it for Sapphire 2018. See you at Enterprise World in Toronto.

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Jonathan Beardsley

Jonathan is a Program Manager in Business Transformation and Digital Disruption, particularly interested in how customers are digitally transforming their supplier, customer and business relationships and where OpenText can help. Previously a CEM Architect for 15 years working across a variety of Digital Marketing requirements, helping customers deliver new and innovative online and digital channels.

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