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Retail execution with SAP DAM

The battle for shelf space

There’s a battle at your local shop that, as a consumer, you probably don’t know is happening. It affects the products and options available to you and what you buy. The battle is called retail execution.

Securing shelf space is not cheap and persuading retailers to take your products means convincing them your product is the right choice for their outlet. It’s not only your product that you are promoting, but your brand and your customer experience. As a merchandiser, you need an effective toolkit to do that. Historically, the only way to ensure your brand was recognized in the store was on the product packaging itself. With interactive and visual elements becoming commonplace in stores, it is no longer enough to maintain a consistent brand on the packaging alone.

Consumer product companies need to create the right environment in stores, which they do not manage directly, to influence consumers to buy. A big part of this is making sure products look appealing on the shelves. So, the merchandiser has to “sell” the product to the retailer, and then help the retailer to sell the product to the end customer.

As with all advertising, the best way to achieve this is with compelling, rich content that makes products stand out using video, images and graphics played in front of the featured products, and on promotional screens in store. For the retailer, it creates an eye-catching promotional tool which generates more sales; for the consumer product company, it provides an extension of their branding and innovation.

OpenText™ Digital Asset Management for SAP® Solutions is tightly integrated with SAP Sales Cloud – Retail Execution to support the key processes for the sales representative to better sell to retailers and deliver the best retail environment. It supports the sales visits with the right media, synchronized off-line, to deliver a compelling sales message. Key data from the retailer visits is synchronized into the Digital Asset Platform to enable marketing and commerce teams from the consumer product company to review and analyze the material used, inspect views of competitive products at the same location and fine-tune content for innovative new approaches. Behind the scenes, the digital content is fully integrated into creative tools, artificial intelligence tagging engines, collaboration, and distribution tools, to ensure that digital content remains consistent and optimized for each distribution channel.

Join us at SAP Customer Experience Live

OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions enables business applications, delivering content in context to support better process for marketing, commerce and sales. If you’re interested in finding out more, join us at the SAP Customer Experience event from October 9-11 in Barcelona, Spain. We’ll be at stand S15.

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Jonathan Beardsley

Jonathan is a Program Manager in Business Transformation and Digital Disruption, particularly interested in how customers are digitally transforming their supplier, customer and business relationships and where OpenText can help. Previously a CEM Architect for 15 years working across a variety of Digital Marketing requirements, helping customers deliver new and innovative online and digital channels.

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