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Responsive Web Experience Drove Me to Subscribe—and Stay

Let me start by saying I am a bit of a sports fan. Some of the sports I really like to watch aren’t all that popular in Canada. You guessed it – we’re not talking about hockey. My favorites are Rugby and Australian Rules Football (aka “Footy”). My Australian colleagues got me hooked on Footy with an amazing live game in Sydney—but I digress. While both games are best enjoyed live and while we can sometimes do that with Rugby, we have not found Footy live in our area. So I set out to watch on the net.

My first experience was watching the Aussie Rules final the year before last. I had just come back from seeing the semi-final in Sydney and was determined to watch the Swans win the final. I got onto the AFL site, subscribed, and within a few minutes I was up and running.

I started by buying just the one game to see how it went. I was amazed. I watched the game live (yes it was in the wee hours or the morning) and shared some texts with the guys in Australia. While watching I wanted to learn more about the players. As I was streaming from my laptop to my big screen TV, I pulled out the iPad and brought up the Swans team page with all the players and stats. I brought up the page for the other team as well. It all worked beautifully—great performance, great picture, and terrific experience of the site on both my laptop and my iPad. And the Swans won in a close match so it was even better.

I have to admit that while I was completely impressed—so much that I have bought 2 season subscriptions since—I didn’t realize just how special this experience was. I knew the AFL used OpenText Web Experience Management software for their site,, but I didn’t really appreciate that responsive design was a big part of what drove the great experience. That is, until I tried to replicate the experience with my other favorite sport, rugby.

Fast forward to this month when I wanted to watch a particular rugby game which shall go nameless. I was able to find the team’s site and read some of the info about the upcoming game. They didn’t have the ability to stream on the site. I had to search around and find a place with live streaming of the game, which was not affiliated with the team. The quality was poor. I pulled up the team site on my iPad while watching the game. I was surprised that some of the text appeared over other images or text and made things hard to read. I looked up some player stats and couldn’t read them because they had dark text on a dark background. Clearly this site wasn’t created with responsive design because it was just fine on the laptop. The result: I spent much less time on this team’s site, and I cancelled the viewing subscription after one game.

The net of it was, for this consumer, using the right web design software and methods directly resulted in customer satisfaction,
greater time on the site, and sales. If you would like to learn more about how Web Experience Management can make a real difference in your internal and external web experiences, visit

Coming Soon: Rugby Fights Back with some great web experiences. Stay tuned!

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