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Redefining “woman in tech”

OpenText heads to the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration

What does it take to be labelled a “woman in tech”? Do you have to be able to decipher and write flawless code, solve complex algorithms, and have a Masters in Computer Science framed on your wall? If you work in Finance or Marketing at a tech company, does that count? To be successful in today’s tech world, you need more than just the technical brains to make it. It takes the expertise, leadership, and skills of many different backgrounds in STEM, the arts, business, finance, and a whole lot of different voices and perspectives. Today’s tech giants wouldn’t be where they are without them.

The Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists and it is a conference which brings together over 20,000 attendees from all over the world for a week of inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. With so many different sessions to choose from, whether technical or not, it is a place where all attendees feel they can belong.

OpenText is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s conference. Since 2015, OpenText has sent a delegation of accomplished women from different departments and countries across the globe to attend GHC, and this year is no different. Each of these women have blazed their own career paths within the technology industry, and continue to make incredible contributions at OpenText.

  Gina Baker | VP, Strategic Sales | Gaithersburg, USA

Gina has been working for OpenText for more than four years. She leads her team in supporting the Account Executives during each step of the sales cycle. She also works closely with Product Management, Product Marketing, and Field Enablement to develop strong training program workshops for sales teams across the globe.

Gina is excited to see more women in leadership roles within the tech industry. She, herself, had many inspiring female mentors throughout her career and would love to provide the same kind of mentorship to someone new to the field.

  Tracey Lethbridge | Sr. Account Executive, Sales | Reading, UK

Since joining OpenText just over one year ago, Tracey has done tremendous work for the Sales department in Reading, UK. Tracey is most proud of her ability to bring people together – especially in virtual settings – to get things done and close big deals.

Tracey’s advice to young women entering the field of technology is to network as much as possible, both internally and with others who work in the industry. Though women are still a minority within her department, Tracey believes that women make great salespeople and she hopes to see this number increase in the coming years.

  Crystal Bonsi | VP Corporate Sales Operations, Sales | Waterloo, Canada

With more than 13 years of service at OpenText, Crystal is responsible for overseeing sales systems, sales reporting and sales compensation functions including M&A activities. Over the years, her work has allowed her to travel the world and work directly with senior executives.

Crystal believes that we should always be fearless and true to ourselves. We should ask the questions that everyone else is too afraid to ask and speak up when something doesn’t sit well with our personal values. Crystal wants to be the best leader that she can be, and help mentor and develop the next generation of leaders – both men and women.

  Loucielle Esteve | Marketing Program Manager | Melbourne, Australia

Loucielle has thoroughly enjoyed her first year at OpenText. She is the team lead for Field Marketing for CEM in the APAC region. It was exciting for Loucielle to lead the design and strategy when introducing and marketing CEM within her region.

Loucielle’s biggest role model in life is her mother. In 1990, her mother was offered a scholarship to complete a Masters Degree in Information Systems in Melbourne. This allowed her to migrate her entire family from the Philippines to Australia. Loucielle watched her mother succeed in a fast-changing, competitive world and from her experiences, she learned how to reach for tough goals and work hard for them. Loucielle is looking forward to meeting lots of women at GHC who are creating cultures in their companies where women thrive. She is hoping to learn from their experiences and gain insight on how she can contribute to the Women in Technology initiatives here at OpenText.

  Delphine Theolier | Sr. Director, Field Marketing | Paris, France

Delphine has worked at OpenText for more than eight years. She is responsible for the Field Marketing activities in Southern Europe, and also leads a team that works to translate corporate campaigns into German, French, Spanish and Italian. Delphine is also in charge of coordinating the annual Innovation Tour stop in France and is the employee Site Leader for her office in Paris.

Delphine had the chance to be a part of the Vignette Mentoring Program, where she was mentored by Bijan Bedroud, former VP of Sales in Europe for OpenText and one of the founders of Eloqua. Throughout her career, Delphine has learned that it is possible to make your dreams happen; just take things step by step and keep your goals top of mind.

  Jeanine Adkin | Director, Customer Success | Austin, Texas

This November, Jeanine will be celebrating her nine-year anniversary with OpenText. She is currently working on building a 20+ Customer Success team as part of the Elite Platinum Program: a program aimed at focusing on customer centricity. Jeanine is also very passionate about education and has already earned two Bachelor’s degrees and one Master’s degree while working full-time.

Jeanine looks up to her VP, Christine Clevenger, as she is an amazing sounding board and gives Jeanine insight into what life is like as a woman in the tech industry. Her insights have helped Jeanine tremendously throughout her career. Jeanine is proud to be a woman in technology and she believes that there is a place for women leaders at the table; they bring a unique dynamic to discussions and projects.

  Aimee Luu | Sr. Project Manager, IT | Richmond Hill, Canada

 Aimee Luu has been working for OpenText for one year and is already making big waves in her department. Aimee is the Senior Project Manager for the Global Project Management office, and provides her services to the IT department and promotes best practices with the field. She is currently working on the latest ECD PC refresh.

From 2011 to 2012, Aimee had the opportunity to mentor and support a new Project Management graduate as they competed in Toastmaster International, which led the student to become an Area Governor within three years.

Aimee strongly believes that we should always give and take credit wherever credit is due. While Project Management is the face of the project, success is a combined effort and the team’s efforts should always be acknowledged and celebrated.

  Kristin Pare | Director, Software Engineering | Norwood, USA

Kristin Pare came to OpenText through the ECD acquisition earlier this year and has been working in tech for almost 17 years. She leads the Documentum D2 Product Team with a staff of about 50 dispersed all over the world.

Working in tech wasn’t something Kristin thought she’d be doing back in her college days. She was always a lover of math and puzzles and one day while programming, she had a moment where it just clicked and considers herself lucky to have figured out her future career.

Kristin hopes that parents encourage their children to immerse themselves in technology early on in life. As a result, more women will pursue an education in math and engineering, consider working in the tech field, and occupy more software engineering jobs in the future.

  Eva Crook | Director, Software Engineering | Pleasanton, USA

Eva came to OpenText with the acquisition of Dell EMC in early 2017. Eva is the Software Engineering Director for InfoArchive. She has built a world-class engineering team and has driven each person on the team to their fullest potential. Eva is also known for her ability to bring people together, even when projects are on a global scale.

Eva’s advice to young women entering the field is to keep up with the latest technology and software development tools; there is always something new to learn and discover. Eva is excited to attend GHC and to learn more about mentoring – as she, too, hopes to mentor junior women who are entering software engineering fields.

  Elena Shur | Sr. Consultant, Software Engineering | Pleasanton, USA

Elena joined OpenText through Dell EMC in early 2017. She has worked on product development for Captiva, Advanced Recognition, and InputAccel Server. Elena is proud of her contribution towards the robust and rich functionality of the InputAccel Server, which is the best in its class of the enterprise backend servers.

In the beginning of her career, Elena looked up to her manager, Walter Main. He supported her in her professional development and always encouraged her to keep learning, growing and taking classes. Throughout the years, Walter mentored Elena from a developer to a team leader, to a development manager.

Not only does Elena believe in setting goals, she believes in enjoying the process every step of the way, being energized by each challenge and milestone.

Our delegation will meet for the first time in person in Orlando, Florida this week and will be fully immersed in the GHC experience. What they bring back will help shape the future of WIT at OpenText.

Congratulations to our 2017 OpenText Grace Hopper Delegation!

Meghan Huras

Meghan is a Program Manager on the Corporate Communications & Brand Marketing team at OpenText.

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