Reconsider Your B2B Strategy – Reason 8: Business Divestiture

The current economic environment will continue to see a high degree of divestment activity as some organisations look to grow and others to focus on their core competencies. Divestitures impact all areas of a company and the measurement of success is achieving effective business continuity while transitioning business processes, data, people and IT systems.

The Challenge

There is often a year’s ‘phase out’ for the divested organisation to move from one organisational structure to the next. This is hardly sufficient time to select and implement new systems such as an ERP or supply chain solution. Organisations that have spent years integrating and consolidating their business processes and IT systems can find themselves with just 12 months to de-couple and transition them.

2 Key Areas to Review in Your Company (click on the links to learn more):

  1. The Supply Chain
  2. IT Systems

The Role of B2B Managed Services

Within divestitures, B2B Managed Services can play a key role. It can be an interim solution during the transition period to ensure business continuity, or a longer term solution providing specific services such as electronic invoicing with partners, as well as ensuring any transition of supply chain, financial or ERP systems remain invisible to your trading community.

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