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Reconsider Your B2B Strategy – Reason 1: Reduce Costs

Whatever the economic conditions, it makes good commercial sense to drive cost from your business processes by identifying inefficiencies and taking action to reduce or eliminate their impacts. Your current B2B solutions have the potential to do more for you, increasing productivity, providing the opportunity to extend your business network and introducing new practises.

The Challenge

It is likely your B2B solutions started small with a single process, such as orders, and then extended into different processes and document types. At the same time, the technologies available, such as communications protocols, are continually being enhanced. The end result is that your trading partners all use different document types, industry standards, communications protocols and technology infrastructures that you must seamlessly accommodate into your business network. That requires manpower.

3 Key Areas to Address (click on the links to learn more):

  1. Maintaining an up-to-date infrastructure
  2. Reacting to business needs
  3. Internal resource

The Role of B2B Managed Services

B2B Managed Services should allow you to eliminate, or, at least, control, two major sources of ongoing investment. Firstly, you are outsourcing technical capabilities, enabling you to connect with partners regardless of document type, communications protocol or industry B2B standard. Secondly, you have access to all the skills you need, including 24 hour support, to implement, change, extend and manage a B2B infrastructure that can encompass your entire trading community. This has two major benefits: you remove B2B as a capital expenditure from your balance sheet and gain greater control over your B2B costs on a monthly transaction basis, enabling you to utilise your B2B budgets better.

Look out for the second blog in my 8 Reasons to Reconsider Your B2B Strategy series soon, which will focus on the challenges in integrating with your customers.

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