The Real U.S. Election Battlefield is Online

The playing field has narrowed, the debates have begun and we are slowly reaching the end of the U.S. Presidential race.  And, what a race it is. Not just on the campaign trail but online as well. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more are the hub of political commentary. Flooded with voters debating the issues, the politicians and the latest exploits of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the people are speaking.

A new OpenTextVoice article on explores how that data is changing the race.  While President Obama made a big political play online, it has only grown more sophisticated in the past few years. With tools and advanced analysis, campaigns can use the posts to “see how the tweets, mentions and articles praise their candidate or cast them in a negative light.”

One thing is for sure whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, independent, undecided or Donald J. Trump himself, the real race is online. Check out the full article on Forbes.

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Robin Lane

Robin is OpenText’s Senior Manager of PR & Social Media. She heads up OpenText’s brand journalism strategy, working across the organization to help tell all facets of the OpenText story. Over the years, Robin has put her passion for writing to work for many leading technology companies to launch and manage their branding and digital media initiatives.

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