Puget Sound Energy achieves award-winning content management and customer engagement

What happens when you successfully modernize customer communications and deliver a centralized SAP-integrated content management solution?  You create a superior customer experience, improve business productivity, and win an OpenText Elite™ Award for SAP Integration Excellence!

Puget Sound Energy (PSE), the largest utility in the Pacific Northwest, embarked on an ambitious project to consolidate and replace 14 different disparate archiving solutions and launch a new customer communications management system.

Anu Iyer, IT Advisor at PSE and one of the key architects of their business transformation project, summarizes the company’s push to improve the customer experience: “Most people just receive an electric bill, look at the bill and then pay it.  For a lot of customers, however, this is their sole communication with us and we wanted to vastly improve that experience.”

Leveraging OpenText™ Document Presentment for SAP allows PSE to expand its range of bill formats and delivery methods. The new omni-channel communications strategy enables the company to better communicate with its growing base of millennial customers who can now receive company messages via text, web, and social media.

PSE also transformed billing statements, going from a simple black-and-white page to a 2-page statement in color, complete with comprehensive graphs and other visual elements.  The addition of the graph to their bill statement was particularly successful as even other utility companies were calling them to ask how they did it.

In addition, by leveraging OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP 16.2, PSE is creating a single repository to manage all documents in the enterprise. Extended ECM provides the tight integration to SAP S/4HANA and a seamless user experience that enables them to successfully decommission all the other platforms previously used throughout the company.

Utilizing OpenText™ Data Archiving for SAP enables PSE to improve data retrieval, going from about 2-3 minutes for data retrieval to under a few seconds. Anu describes the impact of this improvement: “That speed translates to a better customer experience, which translates to keeping the business happy. This, in turn, makes management happy. It is a win-win situation all around.”

We had the pleasure of interviewing Anu at Enterprise World 2017 to learn more about how PSE has transformed their business with OpenText.  Check out the full story and watch great videos on Improving customer experience with OpenText Document Presentment for SAP and Optimizing enterprise content with OpenText Extended ECM for SAP

Congratulations to Anu and the entire team at PSE for all the great work and success that led to their 2017 OpenText Elite™ Award for SAP Integration Excellence.  To learn more about their entire project, click here to download the case study.

To learn about the benefits of the OpenText Elite loyalty program, please visit us here.

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Travis Cain

Travis is a Senior Customer Marketing Manager based in the Canada headquarters. With over 10 years at OpenText, Travis is responsible for helping to manage the OpenText Elite Customer Loyalty program, specializing in the Business Network, Ecosystem, Analytics, and Digital Process Automation suite of solutions.

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