Problems Become Solutions: Actuate for CCM

In our last post, we explained how Actuate’s CCM solution was designed to address the problems that have traditionally plagued Customer Communications Management (CCM). We designed it to be different, which means that instead of a hodgepodge of disparate technologies cobbled together, it’s a single solution that covers the entire process.

How exactly does it stand out? Let’s count the ways:

  1. It’s a holistic solution.It’s designed and built to promote a seamless flow across the CCM lifecycle, from data acquisition to multi-channel delivery, while at the same time providing centralized management and audit capabilities. It’s also developed and supported by a single provider, promoting seamless integration across the disparate areas of CCM.
  2. It offers analytics for consumers and businesses.Data acquisition and translation technology integrates well with analytics components, letting organizations gain insight into their data at both the consumer and business level. Organizations can use this analysis to promote personalized customer messages at the composition stage or next best offer programs within online customer portals. Analysis at the business level can highlight trends across aggregate consumer patterns, or help gain insight into the macro usage patterns of consumers.
  3. It has integrated repositories.Repositories are included and integrated within the system. They continue to promote the traditional archiving values of records management and rapid document discovery, but also provide extensive integration capabilities through Web Services and API to promote back office document integration and online customer self-service channel integration. These repositories offer abstracted storage layers that can connect with a variety of devices, including standard SAN/NAS/hard disk, WORM technology and Hadoop. Complex storage reduction techniques are also used to reduce operational costs.
  4. It provides central management.The entire CCM process is managed centrally, meaning that business process rules are designed using graphical utilities that define how content is acquired, processed, stored and delivered. But that’s not all:
  • Processes are run atop engines that are optimized for performance, scalability and availability while accounting for error handling and recovery processes.
  • Central logging provides business insight into system utilization, workflow scheduling, execution and audit information against content as it is processed, stored, accessed, and delivered across the CCM lifecycle.
  • Integrated transformation utilities allow organizations to handle multiple inbound content formats and transform output in batch or on-demand to meet the requirements of internal or external consumer delivery.
  • Transformation engines can also be utilized to extract index or metadata information that is ultimately stored in databases to promote rapid search and discovery.

Instead of looking to see how it’s always been done, Actuate has successfully streamlined CCM with a singular system.

Learn more about Actuate’s Customer Communications Solution.


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