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When Dr. Robin Bloor (above) and Eric Kavanagh established the Bloor Group in 2009, they envisioned their company as both a technology analyst firm and a broadcasting and publishing platform. With that goal, they promptly established a scheduled weekly webinar – every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. Eastern – called The Briefing Room.

Conversations in The Briefing Room are built around a different theme every month. Each episode is designed “to focus on the how and why of today’s enterprise software products,” according to the Bloor Group website. It continues: “Each session features an innovative vendor who gives a detailed technical presentation, followed by a respected analyst who offers industry insights and then conducts a live, unscripted briefing. The analyst and vendor do not coordinate directly before the show. This format exposes the informative part of an analyst briefing for the benefit of a live audience.” In short, they’re providing a peek behind the curtain of secrecy that often surrounds analyst-vendor relationships.

The Briefing Room even has rules of engagement, including this: “Vendor must answer all questions, either live or within one week.” The Briefing Room analyst is often Bloor himself, described by as “an influential and respected researcher and commentator on many corporate IT issues and strategies.” Companies appearing in The Briefing Room range from startups to the biggest three-letter names in enterprise IT.

And now it’s Actuate’s turn. October’s Briefing Room theme is “Analytic Platforms,” and on Tuesday, October 7 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern (1:00 p.m. Pacific), Kavanagh will host and Bloor will ask the questions as two Actuate executives – Peter Hoopes, Vice President and General Manager, BIRT Analytics, and Allen Bonde, Vice President, Product Marketing & Innovation – share the hotseat to talk about BIRT Analytics. Sign up for the Bloor Group Briefing Room here.

The Briefing Room schedule is tightly managed to make good use of your time. The program opens with a five-minute topical introduction by the host and analyst, followed by a 15-minute technical presentation by the vendor, using a maximum of 10 slides. The analyst gives a five-minute response, and then a 15-minute, no-holds-barred briefing begins. That’s  followed by 15 minutes of Q&A; questions can be submitted online during the webinar or via Twitter using the hashtag #BriefR.  The analyst then closes The Briefing Room with a five-minute wrap-up. All programs are recorded and archived.

“There’s no fluff, no marketing speak, just granular details about the product design, its architecture, why it was built a certain way and what it can accomplish,” promises the Bloor Group website. We hope you’ll join Hoopes and Bonde in The Briefing Room. Bring your questions.

(Photo of Dr. Bloor courtesy of The Bloor Group. Used with permission.) 

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