Power Up Your iHub Projects with Free Interactive Viewer Extensions

We’ve updated and are republishing a series of helpful tips for getting the most out of the Interactive Viewer tool for OpenText™ iHub, with free extensions created by our software engineers.  These extensions boost the appearance and functionality of Interactive Viewer, the go-to product for putting personalized iHub content in the hands of all users.  (If you don’t already have iHub installed, click here for a free trial.)

Below are links to the full series of six blog posts.  If you have any suggestions for further extensions or other resources, please let us know through the comments below.

1. Extend Interactive Viewer with Row Highlighting

A simple jQuery script for highlighting the row the user’s pointer is on.

2. Extend Interactive Viewer with a Pop-Up Dialog Box 

Add a fully configurable pop-up dialog box to display details that don’t need to appear in every row.

3. Extend iHub Reports and Dashboards with Font Symbols 

Dress up your iHub reports with nifty symbols.

4. Extend iHub Dashboards with Disqus Discussion Boards

Encourage conversation the easy way, by embedding a discussion board in the popular Disqus format.

5. Extend iHub Interactive Viewer with Fast Filters 

Make column-based filtering easy by using JSAPI to build a Fast Filter – a selectable drop-down menu of distinct values that appears in the header of a column.

6. Extend Interactive Viewer with Table-Wide Search 

 Filter across multiple columns in an iHub table by creating a table-wide search box.

Stannie Holt

Stannie Holt is a Marketing Content Writer at OpenText. She has over 20 years' experience as a journalist, market research analyst, and content marketing expert in the fields of enterprise business software, machine learning, e-discovery, and analytics.

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