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Personalize Wisely: The Do’s and Don’ts of Personalization

Do you know the best approach to personalizing your digital experiences?

While personalization has been a top priority for many organizations over the past few years, personalization strategies are still “immature,” according to Forrester.

The State of Digital Experience Delivery, 2017 , an April 2017 Forrester report by Danielle Geoffrey and Mark Grannan, says 64% of the DX leaders Forrester surveyed adopt only entry-level personalization – based on historical data. And only 25% are prioritizing the ongoing optimization of contextual relevance.

Advance Your Personalization Strategy

OpenText helps organizations successfully execute more advanced personalization strategies.

One of our personalization and optimization experts, Patrick Akhidenor, led a bootcamp on Sunday at the Behave 2017 conference.

Patrick, an OpenText™ Optimost client success manager, spoke about personalization best practices and also gave industry-specific ways to personalize, based on common data fields, page variables, testing iterations, and metrics.

Attendees asked questions like where to start and how to prioritize while also not neglecting certain KPIs. Towards the end of the session, the audience broke out into teams and worked through some fictional personalization scenarios.

Just “D.R.I.V.E.”

Here’s an easy-to-remember acronym that Patrick shared on how to “D.R.I.V.E.” your personalization strategy:

Data: Use available data points to identify and prioritize customer segments to personalize against.

Resources: Consider allocation of resources as it pertains to every step of the personalization process.

Ideation: Identify areas of the page or website that could benefit from testing and optimization. Outline recommendations for how to improve performance.

Validation: Validate your personalized testing concepts through AB/MVT testing.

Establish: Establish a continuous optimization process that allows your team to prioritize pages and KPIs throughout the year.

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