PBS Adopts OpenText Media Management

A major press announcement at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, “PBS Adopts OpenText Media Management to Support Range of Media Assets,” revealed the latest strategy for PBS in managing digital assets for their network of more than 350 member stations. A key part of that strategy is DAM and process management.

As a public media enterprise, managing and sharing an increasingly rich and complex universe of assets is a growing challenge. We were seeking an asset management system that could meet a broad range of needs,” said Chris Contakes, PBS Vice President, Information Technology. “We were looking for a solution that would help us develop the ability for producers, member stations and PBS to create, distribute and exchange rich assets efficiently and effectively. Being able to assign specific end users to deliverables along with timelines and scope of work offered us complete visibility into our processes,” continued Contakes. “The OpenText system offers us a digital asset management solution to manage assets as deliverables with assignments and due dates in order to meet PBS’s promotional and programming timelines.

OpenText worked closely with PBS, establishing a proof-of-concept to demonstrate not only how OpenText Business Process Management (BPM) and Media Management are integrated, but the value of managing processes throughout the entire digital media workstream, or supply chain, for digital assets. At OpenText, we recognize this as the Create-to-Consumean information flow. The Create-to-Consume information flow interacts with many departments in an organization. Media organizations, like PBS, are recognizing that the traditional linear workflows are overwhelmed as marketing, promotion and omni-channel distribution of media content continues to grow.

At NAB2014 OpenText demonstrated the Create-to-Consume information flow based on the themes identified in working with PBS and common to the media and entertainmant industry. We mapped out a workstream demonstrating the flow of a project from the initial pitch or project commissioning, production, finalization and approvals, to Omni-channel publishing and programming.

Integrated with OpenText Business Process Management, the demo started with the orchestration and management activites associated with making a program, production or even a marketing campaign. At NAB we showed how a team collaborated on a program pitch, getting the green light and then the system created a project structure in OpenText Media Management. This notified project members, assigned tasks and set up a folder structure to start gathering and sharing content. Once initiated, these parallel streams for video production,
photo shoots, graphics production for DVD packaging were all able to collaborate, with status and progress being tracked througout the work-in-progress production processes. Final approval was directed from the Media Management system for all the deliverables, including marketing campaign assets, program information, product catalog, video promos etc.

One area of keen interest to NAB attendees was monetization, where we showed an integration with e-Commerce, in which assets populated a product catalog for an online store allowing customers and partners to download or order content. The marketers and website producers had access to all the assets in Media Management. Integration with OpenText Web Experience Management and Customer Communication Management allowed automated customer communications and the ability to seamlessly build out the webpages and microsites with video promos and images for a rich and engaging experience.

The primary goal of the demonstration was to show the digital media workstream as an ecosystem with many interdependent and interrelated applications and activities – DAM, WEM, BPM, e-Commerce,
Work-in-Progress, Approvals and Omni-channel delivery all working together in a specific use case. Managing an ever-increasing number of people, processes and technology is a growing challenge for organizations. OpenText has a broad portfolio of products and experise in enterprise information management to help companies struggling with a digital media strategy. Understanding the value of the digital media workstream and how coordinated, collaborative processes bridging the creative production side with downstream deliverables for marketing and consumption can help put your company on a path to greater success.

John Price

John is a product marketing manager primarily focused on Customer Experience Solutions and Digital Asset Management. In today's consumer and customer oriented culture, organizations and brands with relevant, strategic and on-message communications and marketing content win the day. Clearing the path for your customer's journey leads to greater success and rewards.

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