Ovum eDiscovery analyst report gives OpenText top marks

EnCase and Axcelerate together deliver at the highest level in every category analyzed

Corporate legal operations and law firms alike often turn to competitive analyses from industry analysts to inform their eDiscovery choices. In prior years, the Gartner Magic Quadrant was generally considered the leading market research report that ranked leaders in the eDiscovery space, but Gartner released its latest MQ in May, 2015. This year, Ovum has stepped in with a detailed analysis of key eDiscovery players across a range of criteria. We’re happy to report that OpenText™ Discovery Suite is the overall leader across the EDRM in the 2018 Ovum Market Radar for eDiscovery.

Ovum revives competitive market research in eDiscovery

Headquartered in London, Ovum offers expert analyses and insights across technology, media and telecom industries. The new Ovum Market Radar includes a range of established eDiscovery providers such as Relativity, IBM, Exterro, and Nuix. As part of the report, Ovum performed “SWOT” assessments (evaluating each provider’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), and looked at key considerations such as ECM integrations, architecture, automation, analytics, and AI capabilities.

EnCase and Axcelerate show strengths across the EDRM

Ovum evaluated performance in eight categories: Identification, Preservation, Collection, Processing, Review, Analysis, Production, and Architecture. Most of these categories comprise the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

OpenText has implemented an acquisition strategy over the past two years to bring together EnCase eDiscovery (from Guidance Software) and Axcelerate (from Recommind), recognizing the products’ complementary strengths across the EDRM. This new analysis from Ovum serves as validation of OpenText’s strategy. In every category, OpenText products achieved the single highest ranking or tied with other products for the highest.

Of all the products reviewed, Axcelerate received the highest overall numerical ranking for completeness across the categories, with Ovum specifically highlighting that:

OpenText Axcelerate (formerly Recommind) is known for its extensive analytics capabilities, which can be used at any point in the e-discovery process… Virtually the entire product is built on wholly owned IP …”

EnCase eDiscovery similarly shined across Identification, Preservation, and Collection, scoring the highest of any product on two of the three criteria and tying for the highest score on the third. Ovum further notes that:

OpenText EnCase is widely deployed for its forensic collection capabilities, and it will appeal to enterprises in heavily regulated industries and government agencies.”

But there’s much more ahead

The task for OpenText now is to continue to integrate EnCase and Axcelerate—along with our Brava document viewer, Magellan artificial intelligence, and ECM platforms Content Server, Documentum, and InfoArchive—to deliver a truly seamless enterprise discovery experience for our customers. After all, as the Ovum report notes: “A major advantage for OpenText is its extensive portfolio of products and the ability to embed features from one product into another.”

Inform your eDiscovery choices: Download the Ovum Market Radar report today for free.

And see EnCase and Axcelerate in action at Enfuse 2018, the largest gathering of cybersecurity, eDiscovery and forensic investigations professionals!

Hal Marcus

Hal is the Director of Product Marketing for OpenText Discovery & Security. A licensed attorney, Hal practiced as a Wall Street litigator before commencing a career in tech that now spans over 20 years. He writes about artificial intelligence—anyone named Hal is bound to be interested in AI—and related technologies in the realms of eDiscovery, cybersecurity, compliance, and information governance.

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