Overcome record-keeping and regulatory compliance

Today's HR record-keeping challenge

With HR regulations in a constant state of flux, organisations must balance record-keeping etiquette with healthcare reform, tax codes, and labor laws. Armed with only a file cabinet and company policies, this is likely to result in mistakes, processing delays, and, in worst case scenarios, legal fines.

OpenText™ People Center helps HR departments have a single source of truth for their record-keeping and compliance needs. Available on OpenText™ Cloud, all related information is always available to HR and employees. Top challenges faced by HR include:

  • Large volumes of unorganized paper documents
  • Employees have no clear view of their HR documents
  • Compliance
  • Document Retention: No clear view of documents which need to be purged
  • Security of documents
  • No Central repository
  • No immediate access
  • Disaster recovery

Organize employee documents your way

Say goodbye to chaotic folder cabinets and paper documents. OpenText People Center allows organizations to have a common structure of documents for all employees. As part of our initial engagement we can help you to define a folder structure which will give your organization a clear view of:

  • Document types you need to maintain
  • Classifications on documents, such as mandatory or optional
  • Folder path to locate documents
  • Document security to define which employee roles have access to which documents
  • Document types definitions
  • Defined document types for tenant

Once you have a document structure in place, it is automatically applied for every employee, providing a clear view on where to find documents. With our digital file cabinet, you can keep your organisation compliant with a clear view on the documents and information you hold. As an HR manager, you have immediate access to employee documents along with their details.

  • Employee detail view with document access
  • Documents by document types
  • HR view of all documents

OpenText People Center can give HR teams a clear view of:

  • Documents for a specific employee
  • Documents of a specific document type
  • Document list with expiry and retention dates, so that necessary actions can be taken

Employees also have a immediate view of their information and the documents available with HR departments in a controlled way.

Check out the next in this blog series soon on how organizations can manage digital employee personnel file using People Center.  In the meantime, find out more about People Center here.

Venugopal Vabbina

Venu is the Product Manager for People Center and other OpenText applications built on the OpenText Appworks low code platform. He believes in simple solutions to complex problems and is responsible for bringing more value to customers who leverage OpenText solutions.

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