OpenText WFO Video Series: What’s the Best way to Coordinate Contact Center Goals With Other Business Units?

Hopefully you’ve already taken a moment to check out the OpenText WFO 2017 Video Commentary Series and read our previous blog posts which highlight some of the valuable insights shared by our panel of expert analysts and practitioners.

In this series of blog posts, we’re up to number 5, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my colleague, Roger Lee, who is also well known in the contact center community as Dr. WFO – although I would guess that many of you already know Roger pretty well given the extensive evangelism he puts out there in customer meetings, industry events and online. Roger is our host for the 2017 Video Series, and that’s his smiling face welcoming you to enjoy and learn from the commentary when you visit our website.

In addition to hosting the series, Roger also contributes to the wealth of information shared by offering his own take on each of the series questions. In the case of question 5, when it comes down to figuring out the best way to coordinate contact center goals with other business units, Roger makes it clear that proactive communication from the contact center out to other departments is the most important thing to do. This is what breaks down the usual silos found within too many businesses.

View Roger describing a real world use case in some detail where a contact center worked closely with marketing to understand an outbound campaign, feeding valuable information back to marketing so that changes could be made to call scripts and advertising promotions. This close collaboration significantly reduced customer effort because self-service orders were made easier and sales calls were handled more efficiently. And this in turn reduced average handle time (AHT). It was a win/win/win success: the customers were happier with the service, the call center reduced an important KPI, and the marketing campaign contributed to higher sales.

This is just one example of the insightful information share by our panel of experts, so take a moment or two and view and hear what the others have to say.

WFO Video Series

In all, our speakers answer eight important questions about driving awareness of the contact center within your organization and explain why this should be of interest to every contact center agent, supervisor, manager and executive:

  1. What defines a positive customer experience?
  2. Why should customer experience be a top enterprise goal?
  3. How can the contact center be positioned as a leader in customer experience?
  4. How can the contact center align with the top priorities of executive leadership?
  5. What’s the best way to coordinate contact center goals with other business units?
  6. What performance goals resonate most with executive leadership?
  7. What other tools demonstrate contact center impact to the executive team?
  8. What are some lessons learned about reporting to the executive team?

You can continue the conversation by using the “Get in Touch with a WFO Expert” form on the Video Series pages, or by commenting on our Video Series blog posts:

The entire OpenText WFO team and I hope that you’re enjoying our 2017 Video Series.  Continue the conversation with me @BrianHardyman or with the entire team at @OTQfiniti.

We’re here to help, to listen and learn from you too. So keep in touch.

Brian Hardyman

Brian is based in Southern California and has been a Contact Center Sales Professional for over 20 years. Brian's knowledgeable and interested in how the business runs today’s contact centers as well as the applications that drive them.

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