OpenText WFO Video Series: What Performance Goals Resonate Most With Executive Leadership?

I’m really excited to write about this sixth question being asked as part of our OpenText™ WFO 2017 Video Series because it’s a question I’m often asked when meeting with customers and other contact center professionals. It’s also a question that our expert panel of speakers are dealing with in their professions, some are well-respected industry analysts and others highly successful practitioners. It’s a privilege to have their expertise to share with you.

Today’s contact center leaders understand how important it is to gain the support of executive leaders in order to secure the necessary resources, technologies and budgets required to hit mandated KPIs. But that’s no easy task when the contact center is focused on metrics that are not well understood or even considered business-critical in the C-suite. So here’s the question again: what contact center goals or metrics resonate most with the leaders who make the high-level strategic business decisions and who control the purse strings?

Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst at Ovum in knows that it’s important to distinguish between “activity metrics” and “outcome metrics.” Here’s how Keith describes the difference in the second of his two video clips on the topic: “Contact centers have been asked to report on how many, how often, how many minutes, how many calls, how many agents, etc. This is all well and good, it will never go away, and we’ll always be using these numbers…but the reports [executives] get should be related to customer feelings, customer sentiments, customer experiences. How much friction did that person encounter, how many transfers were there, how many contact channels did a person come in on? Are we able to relate what one person did on one channel to what a customer did on another channel? Was there effort expended by the customer in moving from one channel to another?”

Those “how much and how many” metrics are, of course the activity metrics, and as Keith reminds us, few if any executives fully understand or actually even care about this level of detail when it comes to contact center operations. Rather, executives are concerned with the outcome metrics, as well they should be.

The goal – and the way to earn the support of executive leaders – is to work with them to develop the infrastructure and analytic capabilities that can “paint a picture of a customer not just as a series of transactions, but as a person with a potential to do business with you in certain ways.”

Yes, easier said than done. But Keith also makes the point in his first video clip related to this question that it’s important “to stand up and take the risks that are necessary to make sense of a very complicated operational environment.” This is so true.

The other experts on our 2017 panel offer their own take on reporting up to executive leaders, so I encourage you to take a moment and listen to what the others have to say about this question – and all the others.

WFO Video Series

In all, our speakers provide their insight related to eight important questions about driving awareness of the contact center within your organization and explain why this should be of interest to every contact center agent, supervisor, manager and executive:

  1. What defines a positive customer experience?
  2. Why should customer experience be a top enterprise goal?
  3. How can the contact center be positioned as a leader in customer experience?
  4. How can the contact center align with the top priorities of executive leadership?
  5. What’s the best way to coordinate contact center goals with other business units?
  6. What performance goals resonate most with executive leadership?
  7. What other tools demonstrate contact center impact to the executive team?
  8. What are some lessons learned about reporting to the executive team?

You can join the conversation by using the “Get in Touch with a WFO Expert” form on the Video Series pages, or by commenting on our Video Series blog posts:

On behalf of the entire OpenText WFO Software team, I hope that you’re enjoying our 2017 Video Series. There’s also a previous series that’s available, too. Check it out and learn how interaction analytics can have a huge impact on your contact center and business.

Thanks for reading through this blog. I hope you’ll reach out and keep in touch.


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