OpenText WFO Video Series: Lessons Learned About Reporting to Executives

I’ve just taken a few moments to go back and read the 2017 Video Series blog posts that my colleagues and I have shared with you over the past weeks (you can easily do the same: links to the first seven blogs are listed at the end of this post). And in doing so, I’ve been reminded of the valuable advice that our speakers have made available to us all.

The topic of this year’s series, Driving Contact Center Awareness Within Your Organization, is one that our speakers are definitely passionate about, one that they’ve given a lot of thought to and have put a lot of effort into within their own practices, whether as analysts or contact center leaders.

I’m glad to be writing about this eighth, and final, question posed to our speakers because it really does serve as a kind of summary on the topic: What are some lessons learned about reporting to the executive team? In answering this question, each speaker reiterates the imperative for contact center leaders to be fully engaged with their own executive leadership. The success of the contact center depends upon it. And to a person, they all recognize that the success of the business relies on this close relationship as well.

For instance, listen to what Keith Dawson has to tell us: “What [my clients] have learned, I think, is that we’re in a period of tremendous flux. We’re in a period where all the basic assumptions that we’ve worked with for 25 years are now in question…We need to be much more active instead of reactive. We need to get out in front of problems instead of waiting for them to come to us.” Keith warns us that you can have all this stuff, “you can have a vested and accountable leadership, you can have the perfect mix of tools and technologies,” but if you don’t have a fully engaged front line of agents, you’re not going to be able to provide an optimal customer experience.

To further drive home the point, here’s what Jason Goodroe had to say when answering this last question in the series: “I’ve learned is how much [the executive team] cherishes how I’ve cared for the [contact center] team members. How we treat them, how we guide them, it’s those extra attributes that they really desire for us to do.” And Jason puts it even more succinctly when he reminds us that “a moment of recognition carries years of value.”

Great advice. Like all of the insight offered by each of our speakers as they answered each question in the series.

I hope that you’ll take a moment like I just did to read through the blogs and take into serious consideration the advice highlighted in each post. Better yet, listen to the recorded commentary to discover each speaker’s unique perspective on the topic. And definitely share links with your colleagues to the specific video clips from the OpenText™ WFO Software 2017 Video Series landing page. Advice like that offered by our speakers could just be what you need to move the awareness needle of your contact center with your executive team.

In all, our speakers provide their insight related to eight questions about driving awareness of the contact center within your organization, and they explain why this should be of interest to every contact center agent, supervisor, manager and executive:

  1. What defines a positive customer experience?
  2. Why should customer experience be a top enterprise goal?
  3. How can the contact center be positioned as a leader in customer experience?
  4. How can the contact center align with the top priorities of executive leadership?
  5. What’s the best way to coordinate contact center goals with other business units?
  6. What performance goals resonate most with executive leadership?
  7. What other tools demonstrate contact center impact to the executive team?
  8. What are some lessons learned about reporting to the executive team?

I also encourage you to join the conversation by using the “Get in Touch with a WFO Expert” form on the Video Series pages.  We would love to talk with you more.

The OpenText WFO Software team has really enjoyed bringing this 2017 Video Series to you, and we hope that you’ll also check out our previous series and learn how interaction analytics can have a huge impact on your contact center and business.

Here’s wishing you great success in your contact center initiatives.

Matthew Storm

With an explosive start in the customer service industry, Matthew has an eye on tech and a heart for the customer.

Matthew is the Director of Product Marketing on the OpenText CEM team and enjoys speaking to customers, debating with journalists, and traveling the world.

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