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Q&A blog on WFO vision and Amazon Connect

Just as the strength of our contact center cloud offering for WFO gains momentum in the market, the OpenText™ Qfiniti team is pleased to welcome Laurie Shook as our new Director of Product Management. Laurie joined our team in April and brings over 15 years of experience developing and launching successful IT global services and products. She comes by way of Verizon Enterprise Services, is a seasoned veteran in the B2B hosted market and also the chairman of Social Media Dallas.

I sat down with Laurie this week and asked her a few questions about the cloud and her vision for the team:

What drew you to the OpenText Qfiniti team?

LS:  What I found appealing was the tight, collaborative Qfiniti team supported by a broader set of people and product lines in a global organization like OpenText. OpenText is what Goldilocks would say is “just right” — big enough to present some really interesting business challenges, yet small enough that one person can make a real difference.  As a product person for most of my career, the strength of the product is critical. I was impressed by Forrester’s recognition of Qfiniti as a “Strong Performer” due to its unified suite and strength in analytics and the recent “WFO Provider of the Year” at IQPC Call Center Week.

What is your perception of WFO in today’s market?

LS:  It’s interesting how the focus has shifted from measuring customer service rep efficiency to measuring the customer experience. As customers gain a public voice through social media and online reviews, there’s a goldmine of information on the internet and buried in the contact center. That’s why I’m especially excited about our products like OpenText Explore, which discovers hidden insights through analytics, and Qfiniti Survey, which provides a direct window into the customer experience by asking.

What is your vision for the WFO solutions within OpenText’s overall strategy?

LS:  The shift to the cloud is accelerating enterprise digital transformation efforts and we are proud to have a new integration with Amazon Connect.  Moving to the cloud doesn’t just create efficiency, it breaks down information silos within the organization. With our Qfiniti Workforce Optimization platform in the cloud, we can now create new opportunities for that previously mentioned goldmine of customer information to be analyzed and leveraged by the rest of the company for process improvement, new product development, and sales enablement. So our vision for the cloud is a shared strategy behind OpenText’s support of connecting customer journeys to improve the customer experience in all channels.

How are new cloud-based SaaS offerings changing the game?

LS:  Cloud applications are the great equalizer. They give smaller businesses the ability to benefit from more robust software, since they are charged per user, and not large upfront fixed fees. And larger companies can be more agile, since apps and users can often be spun up quickly without a resource-intensive IT project. I’m excited about leveraging my background in this area to serve the existing Qfiniti community as well as new customers that are frustrated with their existing vendor and looking to migrate off their legacy platforms.

Welcome to the team, Laurie. The entire OpenText Qfiniti team wishes you great success.  We look forward to working with you.

Matthew Storm

With an explosive start in the customer service industry, Matthew has an eye on tech and a heart for the customer. Matthew is the Director of Product Marketing on the OpenText CEM team and enjoys speaking to customers, debating with journalists, and traveling the world.

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