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Why OpenText technology partners will love our low-code platform

At Enterprise World we demonstrated what our low-code platform can do with the release of People Center – the first application OpenText has brought to market built on our low-code platform.

We are excited by the response from our OpenText partners so I wanted to share the top three reasons why our technology partners truly benefit from the new, expanded low-code development capabilities and how it will earn a spot in developers’ arsenals.

Reason #1: Ease of building content-rich automation

Customers and partners are building a growing number of mission-critical applications driven by content. Whether they depend on these applications to drive business decisions, resolve customer issues or co-create content with partners outside the business, they must overcome some common EIM challenges:

  • Information siloes in legacy systems and content repositories
  • Fragmented departmental solutions, including “shadow IT,” with inconsistent content governance and control
  • Compliance within a global regulatory environment
  • High user expectations for both powerful functionality and ease of use

Our low-code greatly simplifies application development for content-rich automation. At the same time, it gives enterprise IT the control it needs over integration. Few CIOs want individual developers building their own integrations willy-nilly; they want conformance to an established blueprint.

Our low-code platform is not limited to Enterprise Information Management (EIM) applications or integration with OpenText products. It supports:

  • Any type of digital business automation: case-centric, content-centric and process-centric apps
  • Custom mobile applications
  • Custom APIs

Reason #2: Mobile first

Across most types of applications, mobile is no longer a nice-to-have or an afterthought. Users expect to have a great experience no matter what device they’re using.  Low-code applications built on our platform are natively mobile from inception.

Reason #3: Low code for high speed

Business owners are demanding more functionality, faster. They want their development partners to work more like cloud companies, where functionality is ready for users with a few mouse clicks. With our low-code, developers can go through one or more prototyping cycles without breaking the budget.

The low-code approach to accelerate business results

Whether you’re an enterprise, a services company or an independent developer, your success depends on getting solutions into production in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost.

OpenText™ Process Suite Release 16 completely changed how OpenText enterprise customers build business solutions. So we have taken the enabling technologies from Process Suite and applied it to another key constituency for OpenText—our partners and developers. I can’t wait to see the applications that you build!

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Isam Alyousfi

Isam is Vice President Process Product and Engineering and leads the development efforts for OpenText Process Suite, AppWorks, and Applications. He has a passion for bringing innovative process products and applications to market.

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