OpenText Supports the Information Governance Initiative [Video]

Barclay Blair, founder of the Information Governance Initiative and a long-time consultant in the field, likes to compare Information Governance to a diamond: “It has many facets and it’s very hard.”

He’s half joking, of course—but he makes a good point. Information Governance has come to the forefront of many business leaders’ minds as they look to better manage their information and find the business value in it. The Information Governance Initiative, which was founded in February, has set out to help organizations by better defining Information Governance, creating a common set of best practices, and bringing experts together to actively solve Information Governance problems.

I recently sat down with Barclay after we both participated in an Information Governance panel discussion (watch the full event on demand here). In our one-on-one time, we discussed Barclay’s work on the Information Governance Initiative, of which OpenText is a founding member. Watch our conversation:

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Stephen Ludlow

Stephen is Vice President, Product Marketing at OpenText.

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