OpenText STP for Funds – the Funds Operations Dream

I feel like one of the lucky ones…..but let me explain!  Several years ago I moved roles to support a new Funds & Custody related product in a large global bank. It was a big challenge as the product and related process was in its infancy. But we had high hopes for expansion and a great team around us.

However, like a lot of long-established companies, there were a lot of ‘legacy’ applications in place which brought challenges as to how we could mould and fit a new process in. (Somewhat a ‘square peg in the round hole’ type of situation). This was when I was first introduced to the OpenText™ Business Network Straight Through Processing for Funds platform. What a game changer it was for our team. Easily integrated with a slick dynamic user interface….it was the stuff of Operations dreams!

Proven, robust, secure

Over time the platform matured and evolved, with greater functionality and enhancements to make life easier for our operations teams, but most importantly our underlying clients. They loved the level of transparency that it gave them in to the life-cycle on their trades…..real time updates either via the intuitive web-based portal that they could access anytime anywhere, or a complete suite of messaging that would be fired directly into their internal dealing platform or OMS.

In the blink of an eye!

FIX, FTP, Swift, email, fax….it can do it all. Take in messaging, translate it, enhance it, add data, and forward it on to Transfer Agents, Fund Accountants, Custody System, Finance Providers, Payment System and the list goes on…..all in the blink of an eye. It was such a pleasure to be able to go into new client meetings and show them what we could do for them. It gave our team a new energy and love for the product, and it really showed in our client satisfaction ratings.

MIFID II incoming!

With banks and asset managers needing technical solutions which can give them an enhanced client portal, with full transparency and powerful reporting to meet MIFID II requirements, OpenText STP for Funds is ready and waiting to help.

But I digress….

Anyway, to get back to my original point of being one of the lucky ones….as you can see above, I built up an attachment to the platform.  But now I get to work with the users of the platform every day, and help new clients overcome those same challenges that I experienced myself in previous years. Finally remove the manual processing, reduce processing costs, increase risk and control, and provide your underlying client with access to the best Funds platform on the street. Welcome to OpenText STP for Funds

customer lifecycle valueReach out

Therefore if you are looking for a market leading solution for your Funds order capture, routing, settlement and more, please add a comment below or complete the form on this page as I would love to discuss further.

Darren Thompson

Darren is a Senior Product Support Specialist for the OpenText STP for Securities platform. Based in Ireland, Darren previously worked with Citi and has extensive years’ experience in Financial Services, particularly in the Funds and Alternative Investments space. He blogs on the Funds business and how our platform offers solutions for banks, asset managers and more!

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