OpenText Qfiniti 16.2 – Created for Results, Designed for Coaching

For over 17 years, OpenText™ Qfiniti customers have been asking callers to “stay on the line at the end of the call for a short survey about your experience.” And for that same amount of time, the Qfiniti Survey solution has been linking feedback to interactions and engaging the contact center workforce to take the voice of the customer (VoC) seriously. Today, we launch Qfiniti 16.2, equipped with new cloud-based outbound web and voice surveys deliver results for the contact center and beyond.

Build Powerful Surveys

In the new version of Qfiniti Survey 16.2, customers can build, trigger and deliver outbound voice and web surveys in the cloud.Qfiniti 16.2

  • Question Definition – build survey questions, answer definition, certified Bain and Company NPS®, branching, jumping and configuration – all from an intuitive user interface designed to unify survey forms regardless of delivery method or language
  • Customized Branding – use your brand details to customize survey invites with a click of a button and easy-to-use tools for recording voice surveys
  • Frequency Management – reduce survey fatigue by controlling survey invites over time
  • Unified Survey Forms – build inbound and outbound, phone and email surveys in a the same tool unifying form management and consistent reporting

Trigger Surveys through Analytics

After survey forms are created, Qfiniti Survey handles the email for the web survey and phone call for the voice survey directly from the OpenText Cloud.

  • Invite Credits – outbound voice and web surveys are sold as invite credits allowing you to control costs throughout any survey campaign
  • User-Defined Triggers – build survey triggers based on any factor – transaction type, employee, group, interaction duration, and many more
  • Smart Campaign Triggers – uniquely trigger surveys to specific customers based on speech analytics triggers such as topic of conversation, sentiment or emotion

Coach with VoC Insights and Persona-Driven Dashboards

Customer surveys in Qfiniti have always been attached to the interaction and employee for coaching. And now, with new cloud-enabled web and phone surveys, the same is true and tied back to the entire evaluation process.

  • Agent Dashboard – employees can reviewing coaching, self-evaluate and even playback interactions from survey resultsQfiniti 16.2
  • Persona-Driven Dashboards – create widget-based dashboards for marketing, retail and enterprise-wide personas
  • Cross-Tabulate – new cross-tabulation widget allows users to compare any two values – speech, survey and interaction CRM or CTI data

Would you like to take the new OpenText Qfiniti 16.2 for a test drive?  Reach out to your account executive for a demo or DM us on Twitter at @OTQfiniti for a quick preview.

Of, if you prefer, read how Forrester recently named OpenText Qfiniti a “Strong Performer” in its Wave of Workforce Optimization suites — download a copy of this report today by clicking here.

Matthew Storm

With an explosive start in the customer service industry, Matthew has an eye on tech and a heart for the customer. Matthew is the Director of Product Marketing on the OpenText CEM team and enjoys speaking to customers, debating with journalists, and traveling the world.

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