OpenText opened arms and tech to InfoArchive

In less than a year InfoArchive integrated into the OpenText family

If you had asked me just over a year ago how the acquisition of Documentum, InfoArchive, Captiva, and others by OpenText would evolve, frankly I would not have been sure.

I remember attending Momentum Europe in Barcelona shortly after the acquisition was announced. As a member of the InfoArchive team, we had doubts. Some of them stemmed from our passion for a product that we feel truly provides a platform for digital transformation, one that allows organizations to move on from legacy applications and preserve valuable information, with comprehensive compliance and greater accessibility. We weren’t sure our new home at OpenText would fully comprehend the value of InfoArchive, and help it succeed.

Perceptions changed

The first factor that changed my perception of how our product would be embraced and supported was the realization that we were now part of a company that was focused solely on software and services, not hardware and services like our previous parent. This may seem subtle to some, but the difference is in how customer challenges are approached and the way business goals are established. When you are a software company that is just a small part of a billion-dollar hardware company your business goals are not aligned. With OpenText we soon saw that we were not going to have internal conflicts over what was more valuable–the information or the hardware you stored it in.

We also discovered OpenText was dedicated to helping customers succeed by efficiently managing and extracting value from ALL their enterprise information and how they can advance via the efficient processing of their information. This philosophy aligned well with our goals for InfoArchive. We believe that a modern archive solution can increase the value of the data and content it retains via consolidation, accessibility, analytics, and compliance.

The other factor that helped erase doubts was the willingness of OpenText technology leaders to not only embrace InfoArchive but to immediately propose exciting new possibilities in conjunction with other products in the OpenText portfolio. They saw the value of a flexible and open archive solution and how other information management products could utilize the InfoArchive platform to provide customers with value that is greater than the sum of the products.

Integration with OpenText technology

It has been only one year since we formally joined OpenText and I can now say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Surprised and happy with the way InfoArchive and our team have been welcomed, adopted, and integrated into the OpenText family. I am also satisfied to say that the cross-product integration ideas that were proposed a year ago have come to fruition. Our combined passion and expertise have delivered:

  • A solution that combines the Xenos technology known as Output Transformation to provide seamless print stream archiving and compliance for standardized forms.
  • A solution with OpenText™ InfoFusion that significantly increases the ability to ingest data from obsolete databases and applications directly into InfoArchive. It’s a solution that dramatically decreases the time and complexity of our customers’ application retirement projects.
  • A customer communications compliance and retention solution with Exstream. Customers can now create custom communication that can be delivered in multiple formats and then immediately ingested into InfoArchive where industry-specific retention and accessibility rules can be applied. In addition, via InfoArchive’s web interface, customers have greater visibility to all their communications and records.

And there’s much more to come. In the past year, I have transformed into a member of the OpenText family. My new colleagues have shown me what is possible within a software-centric company and how creative collaboration can solve challenges for our customers. I look forward to many more years where our shared passion and desire will deliver even more innovation for our customers.

To mark the first anniversary of InfoArchive and the rest of the Documentum product line joining OpenText, I invite you to join us for a special webinar:

Please take a look at our Anniversary page and read more of the ECM blogs to learn about OpenText and Documentum since the acquisition.

One year in: a webinar dedicated to all things Documentum

Join us on Wednesday, February 14 at 11am EST to celebrate the first anniversary of Documentum, InfoArchive, Captiva, LEAP, and other ECM/Content Services solutions that have joined OpenText.

Register here

Bryant Bell

Bryant leads product marketing for archiving and GDPR. 20+ years in IT has mostly been focused on governance and compliance with companies including Wolters Kluwer, EMC and Adobe. He's a subject matter expert for information governance and archiving so will be blogging on these topics along with GDPR, other compliance and regulatory issues and best practices associated with it all.

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