OpenText Launches New Solution to Accelerate Interoperability in Healthcare and Connect Caregiver Communities

Today, OpenText announced the availability of OpenText RightFax Healthcare Direct , an add-on module to OpenText RightFax that is poised to make a big difference in the healthcare market. This new solution helps healthcare organizations accelerate interoperability by enabling Direct messaging (a method of transmitting patient information in a secure, encrypted, electronic way over SMTP) using existing RightFax-EMR integrations.

RightFax, the most widely used fax server in healthcare with the most EMR integrations, has long been the backbone by which healthcare providers send and receive patient documents via fax. By adding RightFax Healthcare Direct to their RightFax system, those same providers are able to expand beyond faxing to exchange Direct messages with other providers in their communities. With RightFax Healthcare Direct, healthcare organizations can:

  • Send secure, encrypted Direct messages directly from their EMR system with no change to how they send faxes via RightFax today
  • Receive and ingest Direct messages into their EMR system
  • Continue to exchange faxes through RightFax with providers who are unable to exchange Direct messages today

Closing the Technology Gap between Providers

Direct messaging is an on-the-verge technology in healthcare as the next generation communication method for requesting and sending patient records in a secure, interoperable fashion. It allows healthcare providers to exchange patient records
electronically as a secure, encrypted email transmission over SMTP, with rich message metadata with patient identifiers, improving atient care and driving efficiency back to providers.

However, not all healthcare providers have widely adopted Direct messaging. And since fax is still the most preferred method of communication (by a large margin!), it is important that organizations have the ability to adopt Direct messaging at their own pace.RightFax with RightFax Healthcare Direct is uniquely positioned as a bi-modal IT solution that combines fax and Direct messaging in a single solution.

  • Outbound faxes converted to outbound Direct messages: Using the industries only fax number to Direct address reverse directory (powered by Surescripts), if a Direct address is available for a given fax number, the patient document will be sent as a Direct message
  • If no Direct address is available for a given fax number, the content will be sent as a fax via RightFax
  • Organizations can also choose to send BOTH Direct messages and faxes (crawl-walk-run!)

Connecting Caregiver Communities

One of the largest barriers to the widespread adoption of Direct messaging is knowing which providers are ready to exchange Direct messages and how to find them. One of the truly unique features of RightFax Healthcare Direct is the ability to connect caregiver communities by an “invitation” that can be sent to every provider that receives a fax from a RightFax Healthcare Direct user.

With an outbound communication, if no Direct address is available for a given fax number, the content is sent as a fax. This can trigger an automatic, customizable fax sent to this provider that “invites” them to register their fax number and Direct address in the reverse directory for RightFax Healthcare Direct or sign up for FREE Direct addresses to be able to receive Direct messages (supplied by RightFax Healthcare Direct partner Kno2). This invitation process provides a network effect and automatic outreach into the community, levitra to more easily exchange secure and encrypted patient information electronically.

RightFax Healthcare Direct will change how the healthcare industry communicates

As technology in healthcare is evolving, OpenText is leading the industry to the digital world by offering the tools needed to accelerate interoperability and advance connectivity for providers to maintain the highest level of patient safety and comply with healthcare standards.

Read the RightFax Healthcare Direct press release.

Visit us online and learn more about RightFax Healthcare Direct!

Amy Perry

Amy Perry is the Director of Product Marketing for fax and secure messaging solutions with OpenText Business Network. Her 20 year career has crossed between Product Management and Product Marketing in the CPG and software industries.

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