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OpenText Enterprise World 2019 – Day Two

“Re:imagining innovation for OpenText means giving our customers a choice”

Muhi Majzoub gave his traditional technology-focused keynote in Toronto, emphasizing OpenText’s ongoing commitment to customer choice, partnership, and the good that technology can bring the world

Day two of Enterprise World 2019 in Toronto kicked off with Muhi Majzoub, EVP, Engineering and Cloud Services at OpenTextTM giving his traditional roundup of highlights from the past year during the Technology keynote. The wins included:

  • The on-time deliveries of EP5 and EP6
  • Enhancements for OpenTextTM MagellanTM
  • Enhancements for OpenTextTM EnCase, OpenTextTM Extended ECM in the Cloud for SAP Success Factors
  • Enhancements to machine learning and integration in multiple offerings.

“Reimagining innovation for OpenText, and for our R&D and product management teams, means giving our customers a choice,” said Muhi. “Our focus on EIM means a committed to every one of our customers that we will give you the choice in how you leverage our technology.”

To emphasize OpenText’s continued commitment to choice, Muhi referenced CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea’s big announcement from Day One of Enterprise World, where Google Cloud selected OpenText as its preferred partner for EIM Services, and OpenText named Google Cloud its preferred partner for enterprise cloud.

These enhancements, Muhi emphasized, do not come at the expense of existing options. Clients can continue to run off-cloud or in the OpenText cloud. Whatever their business needs, they have choice.

Muhi also spoke about OpenText’s further deepening of the existing relationship with SAP, first announced earlier this year at SAPPHIRE NOW. SAP and OpenText are strengthening their partnership and extending the SAP Cloud Platform with unstructured content for the intelligent enterprise. The partnership, powered by OT2, allows SAP to consume all the services in the cloud.

South African National Parks

Continuing the theme of technology for good, Muhi was joined on stage by Kamal Pillay, Chief Information and Technology Officer for South African National Parks (SANParks). Due to the remoteness of the 19 national parks across South Africa, connectivity in many locations is only available by satellite but Pillay’s team is building out a network to improve service. He emphasized that OpenText  technology is core to running the parks, covering supply chain, facilities management and organizational process management, to name a few.

“Technology is fundamental to our operations,” said Pillay. “And OpenText touches the lives of every employee in SANParks. From HR processes to supply chain, OpenText plays a role.”

Live demos

Demos on day two of Enterprise World included:

  • OpenText Core for Federated Compliance, showing how a retention policy can be defined across a content suite for Documentum and its integration into SAP
  • Documentum D2 and Extending Documentum for SAP, which showed the new UI for Documentum that is consistent across OpenText products,
  • Global Partner Directory for Trading Grid, which promises to allow certifications from outside authorities to integrate into the system, and
  • OpenText Core for Capital Projects, which includes a new UI and an updated integration with OpenText Brava!

Muhi ended the technology keynote with a pledge to our customers.

We will give you these innovations with quality. We will give you excellence with every interaction.

OpenText Enterprise World 2019 continues in Toronto.

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