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OpenText Enterprise World 2019 – Day Three

Enterprise World 2019 wraps up big time, with record attendance and major announcements

Attendees of OpenText™ Enterprise World 2019’s closing keynote were buzzing with anticipation as the conference entered its final day in Toronto, and Mark Barrenechea, OpenText CEO and CTO, kept the excitement high, announcing that this was a “record” with more than 3,500 attendees. And before the final keynote with Peter Gabriel, Mark summarized the big news from this week with a recap of the twin ‘sledgehammer’ announcements from his opening keynote:

  • Following the release of EP7 in October 2019, OpenText Release 16 is migrating to the cloud-first Cloud Editions
  • Google Cloud has selected OpenText as its preferred partner for Enterprise Information Management Services, and OpenText has named Google Cloud its preferred partner for enterprise cloud

“We weren’t born in the cloud, like some companies, but we are reborn cloud. OpenText Cloud Edition is about a cloud-first option. Being containerized, it will run anywhere. It will run in the Google Cloud platform. We are going to support all platforms,” said Mark. “Our Cloud Editions will be certified on our cloud and all the hyperscalers.”

Mark confirmed that users of other cloud and on-premises options won’t be ignored referring back to Muhi Majzoub’s Day Two technology keynote and his announcement that SAP and OpenText are strengthening their partnership, and extending the SAP Cloud Platform with unstructured content for the intelligent enterprise.

Mastercard partnership announcement

Continuing in the spirit of innovation, Mark announced a partnership between OpenText and global payment leader Mastercard, intended to help companies increase financial efficiencies across global supply chains, starting in the automotive industry.

“We’re going to think big, start small and scale fast,” said Mark. The collaboration will further advance a connected and scalable digital ecosystem, allowing companies irrespective of size, location or technical capability to build increased trust and security into trading partner relationships.

Are you being servitized?

At an executive Q&A session at Enterprise World, Patty Nagle, OpenText CMO, addressed a question about what the migration to OpenText Cloud Edition means from a pricing and marketing perspective.

“We talked about a concept called servitization,” explained Patty. “Companies don’t want to buy a product so much, they want to buy an outcome. They want to buy what the product produces. That causes different models in terms of subscriptions. How do you continue to service clients?”

So what does servitization look like in the OpenText world?

Mark Barrenechea answered it well, reiterating the announcement that Release 16 would be transitioned to OpenText Cloud Editions in spring of 2020, but emphasized that this would be a cloud-first offering, not a cloud-only offering. Businesses could continue to run off-cloud, if desired. Mark went on to explain why businesses should commit to OpenText in the cloud.

“We want to partner with internal IT. We can run OpenText software better than you can. Of course, we can! We know it, we wrote it. We can do it faster, we can upgrade it, we can be agile. We want to move your platforms into our cloud so you’ll never have to upgrade again.”

Whether it’s called SaaS or servitization, the root of it all is still “service”.

OpenText Enterprise World returns in the fall of 2020 in Las Vegas. We’ll see you there!

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