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OpenText Enterprise World 2019 – Day One

“It’s never been a better time to re:imagine business.”

In the post-digital world, every company is an information company. The winners will be those that move to embrace that new reality

Mark Barrenechea, OpenText™ CEO and CTO, kicked off Enterprise World 2019 in Toronto with a keynote declaring the digital age is no more.

While not what you might expect to hear from the head of a technology company, he explained his reasoning.

“We’re in a new era that is post-ERP, it is post-digital. Automation is not enough. It also needs to be machine readable.” said Mark.

“Today’s business environment requires companies to leverage the Information Advantage that comes with Enterprise Information Management (EIM). This moves beyond the “process advantage” that ERP brought to the organization. It’s about unlocking that insight to build a smarter, better business.”

On stage, Mark announced that Google Cloud has selected OpenText as its preferred partner for Enterprise Information Management Services, while OpenText has named Google Cloud its preferred partner for enterprise cloud.

“Cloud is a strategic imperative, and OpenText is committed to supporting our customers at every stage of their cloud journey,” said Mark. “As a strategic EIM partner for Google Cloud, OpenText will deliver the next generation of our cloud-based content services supporting the Google Cloud Platform and the unique value add that Google offers such as Anthos, translation services, and AI/ML. As well, Google customers will be able to leverage OpenText Content Services more easily. Together, we can help the world’s largest enterprises and organizations securely manage their most valuable asset, information.”

In addition to the Google announcement, Mark had some other big cloud news as well. OpenText Release 16 is going to move to OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) in April 2020. All OpenText offerings going forward will be cloud-first – but can be containerized and operate off-cloud – meaning that with OpenText CE, customers will never have to upgrade again.

Another announcement from Mark highlighted electronic signature capability coming to OpenText™ Core Collaboration in the Fall of 2019. This allows for the signing of documents, such as work orders or purchase orders with tracking and verification for audit and compliance purposes.

Tracking and verifiability led to another topic Mark spoke to with passion: Corporate Social Responsibility and information for the good. “We all have a larger role to play and we intend to make a difference. We believe in technologies for good.” By enabling ID tracking and verifiability, OpenText allows organizations to create and document ethical supply chains.

A refreshing “Paws”

A busy conference doesn’t usually offer many opportunities to relax. Non-stop stimulation from morning to night is the norm. While there is plenty to do at OpenText Enterprise World 2019, the conference also provides an opportunity to relax with some furry friends.

Attendees can add “Paws for a Break” to their agendas and visit with a selection of dogs and their human companions. Conference-goers were all smiles as they petted and played with the dogs. As always, OpenText finds a way to decrease stress, just with a bit more fur than usual.

OpenText Enterprise World 2019 continues in Toronto.

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