OpenText Business Network expands digital business ecosystems

Release 16 EP3 introduces key innovations and new additions

OpenText Business Network managed services and software facilitate the efficient, secure and compliant collaboration between people, systems, and things. We simplify the inherent complexities in trading partner ecosystems, providing a single connection that digitizes all information flows, whether they are suppliers, customers, banks or other valued partners.

As a result, customer requirements are complied with and suppliers managed, while you focus on delivering your core business objectives. Business Network provides the necessary digital foundation for automating and insight for optimizing business processes. And we’re the clear leader: OpenText processes over 24 billion B2B transactions each year, representing $8 trillion in commerce annually between over 600,000 trading partners.

We recognize that information exchange is about to change dramatically as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, with projected billions of devices sending and consuming information—information that must be captured, managed, shared, and analyzed to be insightful. OpenText™ Release 16 EP3 introduces a number of key innovations and new additions to the Business Network portfolio that enable this shift in information exchange.

With the Covisint acquisition, Business Network now offers unique identity and access management (IAM) solutions—a critical foundation providing digital identities for all people, systems, and things that you interact with. IAM immediately reduces risk associated with information access, and it provides a critical foundation for establishing IoT-enabled connected ecosystems. The OpenText Covisint IAM platform is unique in its ability to manage not only the identities of people, systems and things, but also the dynamic permissions that govern how they can securely exchange data with each other. Watch the video to find out more.

Enhanced self-service flexibility and user empowerment for B2B Managed Services customers provide more agility for organization to access and manage certain aspects of their B2B environment. Features such as self-service alert creation for events and non-events provide companies with increased flexibility, improved user experience and shortened time to value, especially across larger trading partner communities. Managing by exception is yet another way OpenText is enabling companies to focus on their core business, and provide a better experience to customers.

By integrating Business Network with OpenText™ Process Suite, we are enabling automating trading partner provisioning and advanced workflow automation for speed and accuracy. This enhancement delivers automated provisioning steps for any trading partner that emails or even faxes order or invoice documents. Trading partners are onboarded faster, ensuring your supply chain runs optimally, all while minimizing impact on you and your trading partners.

Our new expanded managed services solutions provide the expert people and processes to shield organizations from complexity. Business Network managed services capabilities have been extended to include digital fax as a managed service with the introduction of RightFax Managed Services. OpenText™ RightFax Managed Services empowers your organization to free up internal resources to focus on core business objectives, eliminate on-premises fax server complexity, and fill gaps in internal expertise. RightFax Managed Services combines the technology of RightFax with the experts at OpenText to implement, manage, and monitor your RightFax implementation.

These improvements, along with several others in Release 16 EP3, deliver continuous value to Business Network customers. Through our strategic product investments, OpenText Business Network provides an unparalleled opportunity for digital transformation across extended business communities.

Marco De Vries

Marco is a Senior Director in Product Marketing and responsible for global product marketing, messaging and strategic direction for the OpenText Business Network division. He has 20 years of experience in supply chain automation and e-commerce spanning multiple industries.

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