OpenText Axcelerate adds support for Opus 2 cloud, document translation, ML capabilities, and more

What’s New in OpenText Axcelerate 23.2

The latest licensed version of OpenTextTM AxcelerateTM is out!  This version includes some great additions, including support for Opus 2TM cloud, document translation for licensed customers of Amazon TranslateTM, decryption during ingestion, undo for bulk tagging, and so much more!  Let’s take a closer look.

New Features for Axcelerate Review & Analysis

Document Production & Bulk Printing.  Both of these features now allow users to select various landscape options.

Computer image showing print and page orientation selections.

Visualizer.  Now includes ability to export any of the charts within Visualizer to an image format and its corresponding data to a CSV format.

Computer image showing options for configuring and exporting charts.

Global Redaction.  Now includes an option to exclude terms. Checking the box for Exclude Terms will reveal a new section where exclusionary terms can then be entered.

Computer image 1 showing Exclude Terms selected.
Computer image 2 showing options for exclude terms.

Redactions.  Redaction Reasons and/or redaction associated colors can now be changed across subsets of records.  This option can be found under Manage Redactions on the Actions menu within the Analysis page. 

Computer image showing options for Redactions.

Once Change Redactions option is opened, a pop-up window will appear with the available options for the select records.

Computer image showing available options for selecting redaction records.

Opus 2.  Axcelerate now supports production records being directly ported over to Opus 2 cloud.  Once Opus 2 has been configured to connect with Axcelerate, Case Managers can then port production records over within Axcelerate via the Actions menu within the Analysis page.

Computer image showing "Send to Opus 2" selected.

A pop-up window will then appear with options for this job where the Case Manager can select production output and metadata.

Computer image showing options for selecting production output and metadata.

Documents sent to Opus 2 can be identified via the Sent to Opus 2 Smart filter under Work Product.

Computer image showing that the job is processing.

Magellan Business Intelligence.  Now includes a Data Progress Report that provides a filterable report on all data sets by custodian with details as to document counts and size.

Computer image showing Magellan BI data progress report.

Business Intelligence also now allows for sharing custom dashboards.

Machine Translation.  Axcelerate now has the ability to generate machine translations for customers with Amazon Translate licenses (translations via Veritone is also still available).  Once Amazon Translate has been set up, case managers are able to enable it for their projects and select a target langue for translation.  Please see your OpenText Program Manager for further details.

RegEx Pattern Search.  This feature has now allow users to define pattern searches across the addressee fields as well as the Title field.

New Features for Axcelerate Ingestion/ECA

Decryption.  7-zip, office, and PDF files can now be decrypted during ingestion when a list of potential passwords is provided within the Data Source configuration node.

Computer image showing files for decryption.


Encase Parser.  Now supports chat data from MS Teams and Slack.

MS Teams Parser.  Now supports the export of Channel names, redactions, edit dates of messages, message deletions, and Urgent and Important flags.


MS Teams Connector.  Now supports:

  • the inclusion/exclusion of all channels of a Team by leaving the channel value empty. A row with a channel name supersedes a row without a channel name; and
  • extracting meeting details (start time, end time, duration, initiator).

Outlook for Mac Connector.  Now supports 2016 and 2019 Outlook versions.

MS Sharepoint Connector.  Now supports indexing metadata of Recycle Bin items.

New Admin Features

OCR.  OpenText MindServer AdminTM now allows for changing the language group that will be used by OpenText CaptureTM.  This allows for changing character sets used for OCR to accommodate multi-language data sets.

PostgreSQL. Previous version has been upgraded to version 14 with backport available to 22.4.

Undo Tagging Operations.  Administrators can now use a command-line (undo.bat) to undo bulk or single tag operations.  This operation is tracked within both the Jobs Processing Smart Filter and Document History detail.

Computer image showing Jobs Processing Smart Filter and Document History detail.


Did you know… Axcelerate has made substantial improvements to performance over the last few years?  See below for more details:

VersionPerformance Update
Axcelerate 20.2Index engines improved to handle 50 million records per engine – x5 increase from original limit!
Efficiencies to WordMap for improved indexing, record capacity and search retrieval
Axcelerate 20.4PST Archival handling improved for quicker handling with less exceptions
Index Engine Partitions updated to process simultaneously for faster processing and eliminating need for extra Java heap size
Axcelerate 21.2New memory manager created to protect against OOM query processing
Duplicate hash computation moved to index engine
Both searches and Search Query Editor reports in Ingestion are run as Jobs and can be sent to generate in the background
Axcelerate 22.2Distributed worker hosts can be configured on a single engine for improved handling of larger ingestion jobs
Further efficiencies to WordMap for improved indexing, record capacity and search retrieval
Axcelerate 22.4Memory handling improved to prevent OOM issues during near-duplicate detection
Axcelerate 23.2Near duplicate detection now computes with multi-threading
Ingestion performance improved by increasing index threads from 12 to 32 using distributed indexing, enabling redistribution of index across partition via command-line (reindexdocuments.bat)

More to Come

Our next release will come out later this year and planned new features include sampling in Axcelerate InvestigationTM, stand-alone Investigation and Review & Analysis applications, document comparison, and audio/video support with transcriptions.

Heidi Amaniera

Heidi Amaniera is a Director in LegalTech Professional Services with world-wide leadership responsibilities over off-cloud and public cloud implementation, enablement, managed services, and consulting for Axcelerate. Heidi’s background includes management of eDiscovery services within both the vendor and law firm environments. She also spent over 15 years as a seasoned litigation paralegal specializing in Intellectual Property.

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