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OpenText announces winners of the 2019 Partner Awards at Enterprise World

The OpenText™ Partner Awards, presented annually at OpenText Enterprise World (EW), recognize our global Partners for their commitment to helping customers transform and maximize the potential of the intelligent and connected enterprise. The award winners exemplify top-performing Partners who are dedicated to helping our joint customers get the most out of their OpenText solutions.

2019 Global Parter Awards

The 2019 Global Partner Awards were presented at EW in Toronto from July 9-11. Congratulations to our 2019 Global Partner Award winners!

Rising Star Award

Winner: Intellipeak Solutions

This award recognizes a Partner who continuously built on their success with OpenText and has demonstrated exceptional growth over the past year. Intellipeak Solutions is an expert in the government acquisition process and through their tremendous efforts this past year, put OpenText in a position to win.

Reseller Partner of the Year

Winner: AT&T

This award recognizes the reseller Partner that has generated the most revenue this fiscal year and continues to proactively develop pipeline through marketing efforts. As one of our largest cloud Partners, AT&T has driven and grown significant revenue over the past year.

Implementation Partner of the Year

Winner: Spell GmbH

This Partner has successfully integrated an OpenText solution which has optimized and transformed a customer’s business process. Spell GmbH provides expert knowledge during the migration of legacy systems. They have brought together their creative and technological capabilities, business acumen and industry insights needed for a smooth migration and very satisfied customers.

Global SI Partner of the Year

Winner: Deloitte Consulting

This is an innovative Partner at the forefront of their industry who has demonstrated a commitment to integrate with OpenText platforms to provide value added technology to customers. Through their transformative implementations, their demonstration of deep business knowledge and their global footprint, Deloitte Consulting has once again proven to be an integral part of the OpenText Channel strategy.

Solution Extension Partner of the Year

Winner: Shinydocs

This Partner’s technology complements and extends the value of OpenText product offerings with their innovative and seamless integration and has demonstrated market and customer impact. Shinydocs is a seamless extension of OpenText. Their solution crosses all industries and supports the adoption of OpenText technologies and their proactive approach to joint selling has resulted in many satisfied customers.

Partner of the Year

Winner: SAP

This award recognizes a Partner who has built a cohesive, trusted and committed partnership, invested in OpenText events and joint-marketing efforts and has consistently driven demand throughout the fiscal year. This partnership is recognized as a benchmark relationship in the industry for its level of cooperation, collaboration and commitment to our joint customers’ success. Customers place their trust in this partnership with the promise of combining content and process to deliver the information advantage.

2019 Asia Partner Awards

Regional Partner Awards were presented at EW Asia in Singapore from April 16-17. Congratulations to our 2019 Asia Partner Award winners! Thank you for your continued dedication to OpenText.

APJ Rising Star Award

Winner: NS Solutions Corporation

This award is given to the Partner that exceeds the OpenText™ Global Partner Program (GPP) requirements and has boosted its OpenText business beyond expectations, expanding year over year. This year’s winner, NS Solutions Corporation, has contributed greatly to OpenText from a revenue standpoint and has sponsored several OpenText events in past years. They are an OpenText reference Partner for their area(s) of expertise and are highly recommended by customers. NS Solutions Corporation also actively participates in the OpenText™ Elite program.

APJ Partner of the Year Award

Winner: Hayes Information Systems

This award recognizes the Partner that has demonstrated exceptional revenue contributions to OpenText for the past fiscal year. The winner of this award exceeds all requirements of the GPP, exemplifies the positive behaviors of a true Partner, leverages all GPP program offerings and are highly recommended by customers. Hayes Information Systems (IS) demonstrates positive partnering behavior through sponsoring events, registering their deals and leveraging GPP programs such as OpenText Elite. They are invested in training their staff and developing pipeline and have received positive customer feedback from customers like Roy Hill.

2019 EMEA Partner Awards

Regional Partner Awards were presented at Enterprise World Europe in Vienna from March 12-14. Congratulations to our 2019 EMEA Partner Award winners! Your support, contributions, and partnership are key to our success.

EMEA Partner Innovation/Technology Award

Winner: AnswerModules

This award recognizes the Partner that has delivered some of the best and most innovative products in the industry, tightly integrated with OpenText solutions. AnswerModules demonstrates strong alignment with OpenText, and strategic engagement with OpenText experts, customers and prospects. They are an agile, innovative, and committed Partner.

EMEA Partner Collaboration Award

Winner: One Fox

This award recognizes the Partner that has exemplified the importance of building symbiotic relationships to successfully achieve a shared goal. One Fox has a high degree of expertise in OpenText solutions and is responsive to market and customer needs, and OpenText requirements. They provide ongoing collaboration with OpenText on opportunities where their expertise is required.

EMEA Partner Growth GTM Award

Winner: iXenso Group

This award recognizes the Partner who has effectively broadened their OpenText product solution offerings and global customer reach. iXenso Group continues to expand their OpenText solutions coverage in addition to expanding into new regions. They work closely with OpenText to continually develop new ways to grow their business.

EMEA Partner Rising Star Award


This award recognizes the Partner who continuously builds on their success with OpenText and has demonstrated exceptional change and growth over the past year. DIFSECO OY joined the OpenText Global Partner Program in 2018 and brought a strong knowledge-based market footprint and an ambitious strategy to the table. Since joining, they’ve adapted their organization to fit with OpenText solutions, product lines and strategy, and are very invested in our mutual success.

Congratulations to all our 2019 Partner Award winners!

Jennifer Kerr

Jennifer is Vice President, Customer Programs and Waterloo Site Leader at OpenText.

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