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One year at OpenText for ACM

Global vendor, local knowledge - extending the reach of OpenText into the mid-market

In our first year as part of the OpenText™ Content Services group, we released three updates as well as planning for a release later this year and planning the long term future of ACM (formerly known as ApplicationXtender). All this with an eye towards making ACM a modern product that fits with the OpenText vision of content services.

ACM has traditionally been a product that combines “old-school document management” with a sprinkling of process automation. This is something that regulated organizations such as hospitals, governments, and education struggle with as it requires a mix of findability and information security that are difficult to map into a content services product.

Information security and public trust are key to organizational effectiveness in highly regulated organizations. hat is why OpenText is the vendor of choice in regulated industries. This is the clear value that OpenText Content Services (née ECM) have brought to the market for over a decade. The reality is that, as a company, OpenText has largely been focused on large enterprises when it comes to Content Services. Regulated organizations that traditionally fall into the mid-market often find it hard to fit into the old OpenText.

In the past, our problem has always been these regulated organizations (local gov, education, healthcare) are the laggards when it comes to keeping paper, they are still in the process of moving past “scan and save” use cases. This is a core issue that most mid-sized regulated organizations struggle to move beyond – simply the storage of paper and PDFs. The issue is that use cases for content services are mainly governed by local ordinances and laws. This is part of the value that ACM brings to OpenText; a large array of partners with local knowledge and the technical expertise to implement and modify the content service product to be both industry and locality specific in its implementation.

As you can imagine it has taken some time to get to know our new partners and for them to get to know us. I am confident that a year into this new relationship we are starting to see a new way for ACM to help our partners solve business problems and we are excited to move forward.

For me personally, it has been a busy six months (!) trying to understand what our partners do, what they need from OpenText and ensuring that we are ready to support these partners. This while trying to help the ACM team get the message out on all the work they did in the last year  including the release of two service packs and a user centric version update.

“The last 12 months under the OpenText banner has shown that they have a real commitment to the future of ACM, as well as, to us here at Metasource.”

Weston Knowles, VP Enterprise Content Solutions, Metasource

What our customers – and analysts – haven’t seen is all the work that the OpenText team has put in to incorporate some of the new methods and best practices that came over with the ECD acquisition. For ACM this has meant bending some rules to fit a candidly different type of partner than OpenText has typically had in the past. ACM is a mid-market product and we rely heavily on local partners and what local partners need is different than many of our largest global partners. OpenText has time and again shown a commitment to ensuring ACM is a top-notch product, while allowing it to be supported in a way that is new to OpenText.

I think what we are seeing with ACM is that our partners are being given access to a larger portfolio of best-in-class features that are represented across our suites of products. It is an exciting time here, we have the heavy-lifting of incorporating ACM, as well as the rest of the ECD portfolio, into OpenText from a people and process perspective well underway and now we are focused on how we can incorporate OpenText technologies and partnerships to enhance ACM.

If you are interested in hearing more about the overall progress that we have made in integrating ACM, Captive, LEAP, InfoArchive and Documentum into OpenText come and learn more here.

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Chris Wynder

Chris is the Product Marketing Manager for Capture and ACM. He has a wealth of information management knowledge, particularly in highly regulated industries. He shares his deep belief in analysis and taxonomy as the basis of good information governance in his blogs.

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