One team’s approach to sales success

The OpenText OEM Sales team overachieves their quotas year over year. Recently joining OpenText through the ECD acquisition, the team shares their experiences to date and some of the secrets that contribute to their combined success in Sales.

Firstly, the team explains that the market-leading products they sell help them to be as effective as possible in their position as Sales professionals.

OEM products seamlessly allow OpenText to embed our industry-leading analytic capabilities and content into vendor applications, branded to their own look and feel. Our OEM solution allows companies to focus resources on unique vertical solutions and turning insights into action, rather than creating, updating, and maintaining a complex code base.

“Our solutions give customers a jump on getting their products to market. OpenText OEM technology allows our customers to fully concentrate on their business, while benefitting from the best technology in the industry and ongoing development to keep their solution up to date,” explains Melinda Roggerman, an Account Executive based in California.

Because OpenText has brand recognition and a large suite of customizable solutions, OEM customers work with our Account Executives as trusted advisors who guide them to develop the best solution offering for their needs.

Beyond the product, a major factor that leads to success is the team dynamic that’s developed over time.

This positivity helps to keep the team connected despite the global dispersion of the group – team members are situated in California, Texas, Ohio, Switzerland, France, and Japan.

“Despite being far apart, we all work together and help each other,” says Jane Voss, an Account Executive based out of Texas. “We are not internally competitive; we all push each other to make our customers as successful as possible.”

Supportive collaboration helps the entire team to elevate their performance by learning about best practices from around the world on how to optimize the customer experience across every touchpoint.

Which leads into the last secret approach to success: putting the customer first. This tenant is something the OEM Sales team shared before, during, and after their acquisition experience into OpenText.

“It’s clear that everyone plays hard to win here, while always keeping the customer’s goal at the forefront. Above all, OpenText is a team that is passionate about helping the customer base succeed!” shares Melinda.

Want to find out more? Learn about the various Sales teams at OpenText and explore opportunities on our Careers page.

Kaitlyn Holbein

Kaitlyn Holbein is a marketing communications professional, focused on talent branding at OpenText. Based out of Canada, Kaitlyn writes about OpenText’s work life and culture.

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